My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn

Adventure Educational Simulation
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My Child Lebensborn is a story driven adventure game based on a true story. Set after World War 2 in Norway, you have to adopt one of two children and this is their story.

My Child Lebensborn Tips

Throughout the game you have many decisions to make and this will affect how the game plays out.

- Try to make decisions that will be helpful to your child.

- Make sure you have enough food in stock from the shop so your child doesn't go hungry for too long.

- Pay attention to the indicators at the bottom of the screen which relate to hunger, cleanliness and tiredness

- You have limited energy to use each day so be careful to complete the tasks you need to with this energy.

- You can forage in the forest outside the house for mushrooms and berries, that will help with food if you have no money.

- If low on energy, tap the sink for a face wash which uses no energy and does some cleaning.

My Child Lebensborn
My Child Lebensborn

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Apart from finding out info about the game here on AppGamer, there are a few other official channels that you can use to talk to other players and find out if there are any new developments with the game, these are:

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My Child Lebensborn FAQs

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Which birds live in Norway?

Magpies ... + 1 More Answers

How many apples would peer have?

Peer would have two apples

Which of the following mammals can be found in Norway?

It's a MuskOx. ... + 4 More Answers

Was Klaus sexually abused and that is why he didn't want to be touched?

It was never outright said, but he also mentioned that it has to do with the teacher and that it’s supposed to be a secret. He also was late to come home all week so I really think that this was the case. ... + 2 More Answers

Which of the following eats mainly fish?


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My Child Lebensborn Reviews

Latest Review:

Very amazing, it really captures a view on our past and some peoples present that not many of us look through. I did very much spread awareness and I love how every choice largely effected the gameplay or even slightly later on.

4.8 / 5.0

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