Musical Bells Nursery Rhymes

Musical Bells Nursery Rhymes

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Version: 1.0 | Everyone

New! Press play to listen to the song!

Musical Bells Nursery Rhymes includes:
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (available as part of the free version)
- Just Play (available as part of the free version)
- Hickory Dickory Dock
- Mary Had a Little Lamb
- Pop Goes The Weasel
- Lavender Blue
- Billy Boy

Musical bells was inspired by a toddler who loves bells, color and music. Choose the "Just Play" mode to make your own music playing the bells, or teach your toddler colors by asking them to play the right colored bell. Does your child recognize songs yet? Choose one of the songs to teach your toddler how to play it. The correct bell to play will rise and have a stronger color than the others.

Fun for kids under 5. For older kids, teach them to make their own songs in the "Just Play" mode or play piano songs with less than 6 notes. Play songs to your kids at night to help them sleep or relax.

The bell notes range from middle C to A, on the C major scale.

There are two game modes:
- Just Play: make your own music!
- Song mode: little fingers are guided to tap the correct bell to play a tune

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