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Mr Jump World

1Button SARL
Version: 1.1 | 4+

Mr Jump World is a one-button platform game: jump to avoid the traps and reach the end of the level. We've been playing the game and below you'll find our best Mr Jump World Cheats, Tips and Strategy.

Mr Jump World Cheats and Tips

There is no short cut to getting through the levels in Mr Jump World, you basically just have to play through the game and enjoy yourself as you try to improve your technique in jumping to collect the stars and avoid the obstacles.

The levels start off relatively short and simple, but soon get more and more complicated. The idea is that you complete each level with three stars - that means getting all of the collectibles on the level- So while it will be sometimes easy to complete a level, doing so with 3 stars may be a little more tricky.

1) Don't try to get everything on your first run
Best option we think is to just get through the level, then if you think you have a chance of getting 3 stars, try it again and go for all the collectibles.

2) Be patient
You no doubt at some point will get stuck on a level that seems impossible to complete. Perhaps give the game a break for a while and come back the next day or a few hours later to try to tackle it again.

3) Unlock World B
You'll only need to collect 50 stars to unlock world B, so if you feel that you are fed up with World A, aim to get those 50 stars and check out what World B has to offer.

4) Consider going ad-free
The developers of the game have to get some money back somehow which is why they use ads, and to be honest, they are a little annoying in the game, but if you like the game a lot, then consider going ad-free, you can upgrade via the settings menu.

Fly icon
Fly icon

5) Special Jumps
Look out for changes in the game mechanics such as the fly option, the new mechanics can take a little while to get used to however.

That about wraps up our article on Mr Jump World cheats and tips, if you have any yourself, please drop us a comment below.
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