Mr & Mrs - 'what did the groom say' party game

Mr & Mrs - 'what did the groom say' party game

Version: 1.1 | Sean Henry

The best bachelor and bachelorette game is one that you don’t need to worry about organising. Mr & Mrs seamlessly produces a beautifully bespoke video game in just a few taps so you can focus on what’s important - chasing up funds and ordering tequila!

How well does the bachelor or bachelorette know their partner? The Mr & Mrs game is the perfect way to find out! Ask their other half up to ten questions and they will record their video answers in secret. Our unique app will stitch your questions and their video answers into a unique, interactive game to play on the night!

Suitable for any occasion, not just a bachelor or bachelorette party. Create your game for any couple, friends or even a wedding or anniversary!

How does the Mr & Mrs Game work?

Creating your unique game:
* Choose your own questions to quiz the bachelor or bachelorette on the night
* Spice things up with personalised questions
* We send their other half a unique link to upload their video answers

Video answers:
* Their other half will record themselves answering your questions
* They don’t need the app - just a smartphone or computer with a camera
* Our app stitches your questions and their video answers into a fully interactive game - no need to lift a finger

Playing the game:
* Test the bachelor or bachelorette on the night and see if they know their partner as well as they think!
* The game will ask each question and the player must guess their partner’s answer.
* Reveal the video answer when you’re ready.
* No need to pause the video answers, the fully interactive game only moves on when you’re ready
* Did they guess right? Or did they get close enough? You decide.
* Our smart app keeps score for you so you can congratulate or commiserate when the game is finished
* You are free to play the game as many times as you like
* Download the game for offline use. No data? No problem!

Where to play the game?

Mr & Mrs works best with an audience of family and friends. We recommend playing somewhere everyone can gather around and where noise welcomed like a bar, the pub, or at home.

When to play the game?

Mr & Mrs is traditionally played at a bachelor or bachelorette party but it works well for many other couples’ occasions such as a bridal shower, wedding, wedding anniversary, engagement party, and more!
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