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Monopoly Go: What happens to your stars on new season reset?

Nov 17th 2023

If you have a lot of stars from duplicate stickers at the end of a season, i.e. in this case sometime on 1 December 2023 depending on your time zone, you may be wondering what will happen to all of your stars and duplicates.

What happens to your stars on new season reset?
What happens to your stars on new season reset?

What happens to your stars on new season reset?

Last season, the stars you had left over at the end of a season were automatically traded in for a vault, as per the Stickers for Rewards rules.

Number of Stickers What you get
0-99 You won't get anything
100-499 Your stickers will be exchanged for a Green Vault
500-2499 Your stickers will be exchanged for a Blue Vault
2500+ Your stickers will be exchanged for a Pink Vault

Even if you have enough for multiple vaults, you'll still only get one, assuming everything stays the same as last season.

What are in the Vaults?

Here is a rundown of what you can find in each of the vaults.

Vault Rewards
Green 15-29 Dice and 3 Star Pink Sticker Pack
Blue 80-170 Dice, 4 Star Blue Sicker Pack and 2 Star Golden Yellow Sticker Pack
Pink 320-525 Dice, 5 Star Purple Sicker Pack, 3 Star Golden Pink Sticker Pack and Galaxy Pack (guaranteed new card)
Stickers for Rewards
Stickers for Rewards

So, one option could be that if you have a lot of stickers, just before the end the season, start to purchase vaults until you have 2500 or just over stickers, then when the season changes over you'll get the pink vault and a great start to the new season!

Remember when you open one vault, there is a time limit before you can open another, so prepare in advance.

Unless of course you are just looking to complete a collection or album and you think that the pink vault will help you with that.

Richard Gardner, Site Founder and Senior Content Writer

Richard GardnerWith over 20 years of experience in the video games and web publishing industries, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming.

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