Mini Cartoony F1 Arcade Racer

MiniDrivers is a new release from Ivanovich games brought to the App Store and Play Store just in time for the start of the 2015/16 F1 season.

The game is currently free to download. There are options to make in-app purchases and upgrades (see the screenshot below), but it in no way detracts from the playability of the game if you don't want to spend any cash.

There are some ads, fortunately they don't appear while you play the game, just occasionally between games, or you can sometimes view a video for extra bonus awards in the game.

MiniDrivers is visually appealing with cute graphics and looks very professional, however the playability overall could be better. For example if you get hit by a rival car, you can pretty much count your race as being over and need to start again. They could also improve the game by having a viewable minimap of the track somewhere in view so you can prepare for the next corner.

Controls are super easy, left, right and brake and a button to activate the specials that you pick up 'a la Mario Kart, along the way. However that doesn't mean the game is super easy to play. Give the game a chance, you'll need at least a few games to get to grips with how the game plays - although the game won't be one I continue to play much more, it may be good for you.

Seeing as the game is free, and is not killed by tons of ads, the game is great download value, even if it is to just download and see what it's all about - who knows it may be right up your street.
3.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | Mar 17th 2015

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