Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up

Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up

It's the Luck of the Draw in Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up

In this app designed for 6-8 year old's by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications, you get to save Mickey's dignity, his relationship and his life in this hilarious app. The game is based on the Disney XD cartoon shorts - Mickey Mouse & Friends. The cartoons are only a few minutes long and present Mickey and his cohorts in a slightly edgier light than the Clubhouse version.

The game costs $0.99 and is only available for iOS users. There are no in-game purchases or pesky ads for young children to "accidentally" stumble into, which is definitely worth a dollar.

The player acts as Mickey's helpful and slightly magical friend (kind of like Toodles, for the Clubhouse version) and is tasked with creating drawings for Mickey on command to save him from some unfortunate situations. The player's drawings are then introduced into the app's animation and Mickey is saved. Granted, you can draw anything and he still acts exactly the same way, making it easy enough for tiny Mickey fans to play.

The game is also throws in some mini-games to give your drawing hand a rest, with a little pinball, tickle Mickey and Donald with a feather, and save Mickey from the rampant umbrella - among others. These tiny diversions are good, but it is disappointing the app was never updated to include new or different content. This is the only one of it's kind and the playthrough is relatively short.

The graphics are presented in a sketchy and uneven style, which is characteristic of the show it is based on, but it has the added effect of making the player's own drawings blend in that much better with this particular world.

There is no reading to be done with this app, which since it is marketed as a Disney Digital Book, is kind of a bummer. Especially since the 6 - 8 year old age group - the app's target age group - is notorious for readin' up a storm. This is good news for the little ones though and is a good activity to practice following directions. What small child would disobey a direct order from the mouse, himself?

Overall, the app is funny and entertaining. Your kids won't learn anything miraculous, but they probably won't learn anything bad, either. If you have a Mickey Mouse fan, they will definitely be completely enthralled with this game long enough to get your $1 worth out of it.

4.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar | Feb 22nd 2015

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Review by GuestDec 11th 2018
This game looks awesome and cool my sister wants to play it but she 4 years old

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