Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon

Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon

Version: 1.12.7 | $0.99 - $99.99 per item

Merge Plane is the popular free to download idle merging game where the aim is to level up your planes as much as possible by acquiring new planes and merging them with existing ones to level them up.

When you reach level 7 quests become unlocked and you then have a plan of action to complete various daily tasks and achievements throughout the game.

Here our top tips, cheats and strategy to help you do well in the game.

Cheats Tips and Strategy

1. Check the Shop
As you progress through the levels, different planes become available to purchase with the coins that you win in the game

2. Buy unlocked planes
If the lower level planes are getting more expensive, check the shop to see if you've unlocked any new planes which you can purchase in the shop, these higher level planes may start off cheaper than the current price you are paying for lower level planes.

3. Spin the Wheel
When you get to level 9 planes, here you can use gems or watch a video in order to spin a lucky wheel to try to win planes.

4. Flying Objects
Look out for new objects which appear on the screen such as the UFO which will offer you a chance to get bonus coins for a time period. However to activate the bonus you will need to watch a video ad or spend some gems.

4. Use all runway slots
When you can't make any more upgrades and are running low on cash, make sure you have as many of your planes running as you can in order to build up your cash pile quickly

5. Consider paying to remove the ads.
The ads in this game are particularly annoying however you can make a payment to remove the ads, which is worth a look. HOWEVER we do not recommend signing up for any subscription which requires regular payments - watch out for that option.

6. Boosts Unlocked at level 10 planes
Here you can spend gems to basically get a time warp effect and instantly get a certain amount of times worth of coins by using gems.

7. Free Upgrades
Watch out for the free upgrades. Sometimes you can watch a short video in exchange for the game leveling up one of your planes. Could be worth it in some cases.

If you want to know about anything that we have not covered in this mini guide, then check out our questions page for this game where you can read FAQS and ask your own questions too.
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