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Merge Manor Sunny House is another of the very popular merge based games available to play. This one, from CookApps follows the story line of you searching through the dilapidated gardens and house of your grandmother as you tidy, clear and renovate. Each task will require you to merge and create new items. Whether you enjoy the story line or not this is a well made and fun to play merge game.

Beginners Hints and Tips

The game will start off with a quick tutorial to point out the functions but you will soon be on your own. There is a lot to figure out as you discover the new items and try to complete the tasks. We have a few tips to follow here that will help you make the most of the experience.

Check the Shop
The in game shop can be accessed with the house/shop icon at the bottom of the screen. You will find a range of items that you can buy, mainly the Jewels which is the premium currency. But there are also regular offers for you to get items that you may need for coins that you earn in game. The offers can be useful and good value, but you should also check the shop every day to collect the free Safe Box which will grant you coins. If you play a lot then also consider spending the 50 coins (if you have them) for the energy box.

Clear the Board
When you start out the merging board will have a lot of items in place already that are useful to you but also take up space. These items a covered with cobwebs and must be cleared by matching with a new produced item. Whenever you produce a new item by merging check to see if you can then merge it again with a preset item on the board to clear it. You will very quickly run out of space if you do not clear these items.

Expand your Inventory
To help you with the space issue you have an inventory bag that you can access at the bottom of the screen. At the start you have 5 slots but you can buy more with coins. If you can spare the coins then we recommend buying the slots to give yourself the room to store items, especially XP, coins and other items that you want to hang on to to merge later.

Earn Rewards
A lot of the more important items in the game will come from boxes and other rewards, these are mainly earned though completing quests and leveling up (earn XP). Merging is fun but keep a close eye on the quest list (bottom right icon) and any opportunities to earn XP crystals as you merge to let you level up faster. Every reward will help.

When you earn Energy items, Coins or XP crystals you can merge these to increase their value. Unless you really need the item now do not cash it in until you have merged it to the highest level. You will gain much more from the top level merge that from the lower level ones.

We hope these tips are useful for playing Merge Manor: Sunny House. If you have any questions for playing Sunny House please head to the Answers Page to ask there. And feel free to drop a review below to let others know what you think of the game.

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I like the events, I like the new areas and that things are achievable and the idea that you need to master an event to get an area unlocked. Excited for new event types.
5.0 / 5.0

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