Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth

Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth

HyperSpell Inc
Version: 1.0 | Everyone

Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth is at a High, in the azure blue infinite sky, far from earthly vanity and curious human eyes, soars “Labyrinth”. Breaking all laws of gravity, this ancient 3D maze is intended to become a challenge for inquisitive mind and deft hands.

What do you know about worlds of pyramids? Not about those ones that are popular with tourists, but about those ones that are situated in a large city in the sunlight, or in cold snow-covered places among blocks of ice and frosty rarefied air, or perhaps among their twins that are flaming among hot volcanos and candent lava flows.

Test yourself in the way rulers of these forgotten worlds tested themselves many centuries ago. Run the ball through cunning traps and intricate trails that spread out high above the ground. Through worlds that were united by great labyrinth, full of riddles and puzzles, so simple at first glance and so intricate and insidious when you try to follow its paths.

- Incredible puzzle
- Gravity anomalies
- Three various worlds
- Abundance of enigmatic levels
- Atmospheric HD graphics and sound effects
- Easy and understandable control

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