Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Nimble fingers needed in this rapid game of quick draw

Developed by Nitrome whom have been behind a whole string of popular app game titles such as Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage and Gunbrick, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, is a pleasant and playable free game app that you can get into straight away.

The game is playable for young children (watch out for the ads though parents - but there is an option to remove most ads with an in-app purchase), but also very challenging for older players too.

The game is basically a big test of your hand eye co-ordination and ability to think fast and draw even faster.

You play the part of the wizard whose job it is is to defend the castle from enemies that float down, these are destroyed by you drawing the shape that is shown in the balloon accompanying the bad guys.

It all starts off very simply, but after about 30 or so characters you'll notice that things have got quite a bit harder. With some baddies needing multiple shapes drawn to destroy them.

Luckily you earn stars as you play the game and these are redeemable in the spell store for goodies that will help you with your task such as a kill-everything on the screen thingy, a slow down time gadget and much more.

Graphically the game is superb and the music is not at all annoying - and fits in very well with the fun theme of the game.

It's a nice game to download and play as it takes so little time to play a few games and a good warmer upper of the old grey matter.

I've given it 3.5 as for me, the difficulty seems to ramp up a bit too quickly - really hard to get past even 50 baddies. But all-in-all a good game worthy to be in anyone's collection.
3.5 / 5.0
review by Rich | Mar 6th 2015

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