Lucky Pusher-Win Big Rewards

Lucky Pusher-Win Big Rewards

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Review by GuestJan 2nd 2021
This game is totally bogus. I played forever and when I got to 95.86 of the one hundred dollars needed, the game stopped giving me any cash tokens. In essence one can never get to the 100 dollars goal. I then concentrated on the 1000000 mark for the gift card. Once again I got over 80000000 mark and the game stopped. It wont even boot up. It gives me a complete black screen. Totally bogus game.
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Review by GuestJan 2nd 2021
This is a scam if it wasn't the reviews would be positive with people winning and cashing out.. Well this is a scam...
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Review by GuestNov 21st 2020
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Review by GuestNov 14th 2020
I think it a bunch of bull, because when you reach close to the amount of cashing out, you stop giving money coins, you just keep eole playing because you guys get paid as long as people play
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Review by GuestNov 14th 2020
Waste of time! You really do stop at $95.50 cents or so! Scam, lies, no prize, despise, denies, don't compromise your intelligence and play this stupid game! Suckers all of us
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Review by GuestNov 11th 2020
Don't know yet but not looking good for pusher. Pusher is about to push me to far
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Review by GuestOct 28th 2020
No good game can't contact anyone for help got all fruits but they won't acknowledge it
No response at all.
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Review by GuestSep 13th 2020
Fun at first but it has been over a month with continuous play watching hundreds of ads and I'm still at $95.89 with no progress.
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Review by GuestSep 10th 2020
My review is.. Don't download this" game". Total scam. All the Plinko games are also scams. I actually won over $100.00 today!!! But when I tried to redeem it was back to 95.10. I've played so many games trying 2 find a good one. Can't. Google and Amazon shouldn't let them even have the stuff on here. Isnt false advertising against the law??.
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Review by GuestAug 24th 2020
I have been playing this game for a month now, & during the first week, I was winning money. But now I've been stuck at $95.89 for the past few weeks. As for the "Gift Cards" you can win by accumulating 1 Million Tokens... they are only for $2 dollars! I cashed it in and got a response I'd receive in 3-15 days still have received. The video advertisement for this "money making" game is a LIE!! DO NOT PLAY!! WASTE OF YOUR TIME!!
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Review by GuestAug 23rd 2020
It is totally a scam! Good waste to waste your time... they will not allow you to cash your money and your points...
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Review by GuestAug 14th 2020
Decent way to kill time, been playing for hours and almost at the point for the 2$ amazon gift cared, don’t know if it will work but it’s be cool to get paid for wasting time.
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Review by GuestAug 13th 2020
Waste of time. Don’t understand the “click Now to win dollars” feature. Where is it explained??
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Review by GuestAug 11th 2020
This game is a great way to waste time but its a total scam. It really is a shame that we can't sue these guys.
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Review by FunquitasmithJul 29th 2020
All the reviews said not to do it if you really want to earn money. They were right. A million coins will get you $2 Amazon cash....$2!!! Been playing 2 months and only over halfway there. No evidence of winners anywhere....only struggles and trickery. Read the fine print. Winners are chosen at random at the beginning of play....yaddayadda....make sure a game is based in USA before even trying. You can find that out by reading "about" the Pp on app page.
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Review by GuestJul 29th 2020
Scam you'll die before you collect no money coins after 95.00.
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Review by GuestJul 28th 2020
Not sure what to think about it. Features seem missing to me
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Review by GuestJul 26th 2020
The game is fun, weither they pay like they say or not, I don't know... I've only been playing it a couple weeks now and haven't gotten that far yet.
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Review by GuestJul 20th 2020
Same as everyone else. Fun game, till you try to collect. Hasn't dropped a green coin in weeks.
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Review by GuestJul 13th 2020
The Game is a scam and waste of time. After 95.87 dollars it never gives any more pennies. Every review says the same thing. Wish I knew how to do a class action suit . All the commercials I watched for them and they cheat me? Don’t play and make them rich
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Review by GuestJul 11th 2020
This game sucks uninstall this game if you have it.
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Review by GuestJul 6th 2020
Stopped at 95.44 even when click here for cash goes off no green coins been playing a few hours a day for 6 days same results its a scam
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Review by GuestJul 5th 2020
I don’t think it’s true. Not the same as the advertisement that you can collect the money even if it’s just $20.
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Review by GuestJul 4th 2020
Waste of time. Lots of cash coins until you get to 95.55 then no more cash coins. What a rip off. You can’t cash out until 100. What a joke
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2020
I enjoy the action of the game. Vegas like sounds. Great goals.
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Review by Smiles4880Jun 28th 2020
Good way to WASTE TIME, but don’t plan on getting rich by any means!!!
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Review by GuestJun 22nd 2020
Don't waste your time on this fraudulent app. I've been on mid 90's cash and 35/36 fruit collections for days. They won't let me or you have any more cash coins or the 36th fruit. That way they don't gave to pay out.
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Review by GuestJun 15th 2020
I really like the game but in 2 days I made 93. I've played for 2weeks I'm at 93 still I don't understand unless it's rigged
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Review by GuestJun 14th 2020
It wont ti e any more green coins I'm at 96.00 and green coins have stopped I'm uninstalling the game fake.
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Review by GuestJun 12th 2020
Don't waste your time on lucky pusher you will never see any money have six weeks into it. It's a fraud.
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Review by GuestJun 8th 2020
So far it only took about 9 hours to reach 93.78 and since then I can't get anymore cash coins it's been 4 days and still I'm at the same number so I'm thinking they don't let you reach the 100 payout or the 10000 Amazon card at 36 fruits cause as the same has occurred I've been at 35 and only getting multiples of what I already recieved.
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Review by GuestMay 11th 2020
Until I figure out how to collect it's a 3 star for me.
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Review by GuestMay 9th 2020
Its fake until someone send out the 30k . Funny all my fruit has the high numbers that I got and the 3 pineapples that were collected to complete the 36 fruit is now set at 0 , thats OK I have screenshots and I'm sure the 100's of other winners for the 10k have screenshots also ...
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Review by GuestMay 2nd 2020
I like it its one of my favorites. I play it everyday.
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