Love Poly - New puzzle game

Love Poly - New puzzle game

Version: 1.1.10 | In-Game Purchases

Love Poly is a brand-new 3D puzzle & brain teaser game! The gameplay is very simple and relaxing: rotate the puzzle pieces, and as you get closer to the correct angle, the pieces will merge into a beautiful piece of artwork! It might seem easy, but it also takes patience and observation. Before you solve the puzzle, you never know what the artwork is!

- Super relaxing gameplay: no time limit, no restrictions, take your time and relax with this beautiful puzzle game.
- Tons of puzzles to solve! Challenge your brain and unlock all poly artworks!
- Beautiful artworks appropriate for all ages!
- If you can’t solve a puzzle, don’t worry, you can use a tip to know what the artwork is to make it easier.
- We provide different background music for you to choose from to make the gameplay more immersive.

Can you solve all the puzzles? Come play and relax now with Love Poly!
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