∞ Loop

∞ Loop

Make one more loop.

Make one more loop.
So Loop, or infinite loop is a simple puzzle game from Jonas Lekevicius. Your aim is to tap and rotate curved lines in a pattern to join them all up into a continuous loop (or loops). So a simple game with a simple premise and a simple one line description.

"Simple, relaxing, endless game."

Review of ∞ Loop on AppGamer.com

Did we say that it was simple? Yes, yes it is. Not overly easy (although not hard) to play. But simple definitely. Once I realised that the initial loading screen I was presented with when opening the game was actually the first level it became clear that this was a bare bones games with no fluff. And this was great. No intro graphics, no tutorial levels, no cut scenes, no hi-score tables, social media nudges or adverts to interrupt your looping fun. Bliss.

Well almost bliss. The game's simple premise means that once the levels complexity increases to the larger puzzles the game is basically just an endless stream of (seemingly) randomly generated layouts for you to rearrange and solve. Depending on how fascinated you are by them you may find your interest dropping quite quickly and off to the next cool new game. But even if you do then this game is still well worth hanging on to as coming back to it again and again is always a refreshing little change from the many, not so simple games out there.

The look and feel of the game is 'uncomplicated', 'clean', ... ok, simple, but very well designed and pleasant. The same goes for the audio. Although the backing music, as soothing as it is, did get turned off fairly quickly.

And the most simple aspect of all, the price. No charge. And with no adverts it’s hard to find any reason not to get the game. The only drawback I found is that it did start to feel a little too simple after a while and perhaps the addition of other game modes or different challenges would help to keep it more exciting for longer. But then that would stop it being quite the chilled out, no fuss, basic, straightforward, SIMPLE game it is.

And even when I thought I was getting tired of the looping, I still found myself, sometime later, trying to make just one more loop.

If you try it out let us know if you thought it should have more content. Or if it’s a perfect loop as it is.

4.5 / 5.0
review by Mark | Sep 8th 2015

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