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Life Simulator 3 - Real Life

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Life Simulator 3 is the latest in the line of Life Simulation games from Playdrop. As the name of the game suggests, you play through the simulation version of a lifetime, completing goals and becoming richer and richer, until you prestige, which means starting over, on a higher multiple.

We've been playing the game, and have put together some Life Simulator Cheats and Tips which are below. Look out also for our section on Life Simulator 3 Codes which list some of the redeem codes that have been published for the game and are usable for a limited time only.

Life Simulator 3 Cheats and Tips

1. Decide on Your Career Path
There are hundreds of jobs available for you to do, but the best paying ones will require you to take a certain route through lower paying jobs. So, take a look at the best jobs, and decide which one you would eventually like, then, step by step play your way through the requirements until you get your dream job and start bringing home to big bucks!

For example, you can see from the 'Top Level Jobs' tab that to be a Special Forces Commander, which pays 10,000 a month you'll need 10 Years Special Forces Officer Experience.... But to get that job, first you'll need 5 Years Special Forces Leader Experience... But to get that job, you need 3 Years Special Forces Operator experience... And so on... working your way back down the career tree until you find the very first job you should take.

However, first of all, just take the first and easiest job on the list, the Dishwasher, to get some experience for the next job on the list and to start earning some cash!

2. Education is important! ... But not right away!!!
Getting some education in Life Simulator 3 is super important and will enable you to apply for better jobs in the future, but if you start your education when you have too little income, then you'll be negative and it'll start going wrong really quickly. Only start your education when you are sure you have a good enough job to pay for it.

3. Free Rewards
If you don't mind watching a video ad, then sometimes there is an offer for some free in-game cash in exchange for watching a short video ad. This is especially useful when you are starting out in the game, and things are a little tight.

4. Socialise!
It's really important for your happiness stats that you socialize, so set your socializing settings to at least once per month... or higher if you think you can afford it.

5. Random Events
Look out for the random events, your decision to accept or reject them, will have some kind of effect (positive or negative) on your overall stats.

6. Keep moving up the career ladder
It's important that you keep trying to move up the career ladder, so keep an eye on the minimum requirements for the next best job on the jobs list, and when you have fulfilled that requirement, apply for it.

Life Simulator 3 Codes

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If you don't want to do that, or don't have Facebook, then you can always check back on our Life Simulator 3 Codes page to see the latest updates that we have found.

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It's better than expected. You can do more and a lot of career choices. Just need a little bit of improvement but it's fun.
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