LetterSchool - learn write abc

LetterSchool - learn write abc

Sanoma Media
Version: 1.0 | Everyone

An amazing, intuitive game to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more.
★★★Finalist at the Tabby Awards 2014★★★
★★★Best Younger Children’s App 2013 - KAPi Award★★★
★★★EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD - Children’s Technology Review★★★
★★★One of 12 BEST CHILDREN EDUCATIONAL APPS 2012 - TeachersWithApps★★★
★★★BEST EDUCATIONAL APP - About.com★★★
Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter/number:
INTRO - discover the letter’s shape, name and sound
TAP - learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots
TRACE - learn the letter trajectory by tracing it
WRITE - test your knowledge by writing from memory
Recommended for ages 3–7
◆ how to write letters and numbers
◆ letter names and sounds
◆ uppercase and lowercase letters
◆ manuscript handwriting style
◆ count to 10
◆ fine motor skills
◆ eye-hand coordination
◆ the foundations of literacy and numeracy
✓ many awesome games with different learning approaches
✓ two challenging levels for twice the fun and twice the practice
✓ impressive free-form writing in advanced level
✓ highly effective visual and auditory feedback
✓ stunning graphics, exciting effects and sleek animations
✓ characters at maximum scale regardless of device orientation
✓ choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education
✓ scorekeeping: star-tokens and self-written characters in menu
✓ progress and settings stored for up to three players
★LetterSchool got lots of accolades from just about everyone (including us!) for being a spectacular app. TWA gives this app a huge shout-out! And, oh yes, this app makes everything cool! TeachersWithApps
★Learning to write letters and numerals will never be the same after a child tries LetterSchool. This app has raised the bar for all letter/numeral recognition apps. Children’s Technology Review
★Top Pick–A very well-done letter-writing app with tons of energy and even some phonics and counting mixed in. Highly recommended. SmartAppsForKids
★Editor’s Favorites–Great concept, overall look and feel, simple operation and navigation, types of activities, great educational value. AppySmarts
★Editor's Choice–A great tool for teaching young children proper handwriting. BestAppsforKids.com
★What a fantastic job these developers did! A handwriting lesson the fun way! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life! Certainly this app should be in all preschool and kindergarten classes! BestAppsforKids.org
★This is a must have app. It is so wonderfully made and will keep children entertained but wanting to come back again and again. iHeartThisApp.com
★I absolutely love this app!!! This is definitely the most amazing writing app of individual letters I've seen yet. I highly highly highly recommend this app. WelcometoTheirWorldApps.blogspot.com
★Learning a letter on this app is like being on a great party. Every letter is a surprise! Apps4Kids.net
★This app of breathtaking beauty and simplicity is one of the top must-have apps. W. van Bochoven, Educational consultant
★This intelligently designed app will captivate the user through entertaining animations and an easy to navigate interface. UltimateAutismGuide.com
★I have tested out a few letter tracing apps and I give this one the award for the best so far. YourTherapySource
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I loved it the Game it was wonderful and I like learn how I write letters
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