Brain teasing word crafting fun with Lettercraft

Lettercraft is a creative and fun way to test your brain, your hand-eye coordination and your dexterity and competence of the English language.

The basic premise of the game is that you are given a square of letters and from that you need to score as many points as you can, by finding lots of words - you get more points for longer words as many words, according to the rules of the level.

Sounds simple enough right? But wait if you don't use any of the letters over a set time period of the level the change to a different color, this keeps happening for as long as you don't use them until they eventually go red then vanish soon after. Also once you have used a letter for a word they vanish and are replaced with a different one.

There are different challenges to complete as you progress through the game which keep it interesting and very testing on your wordsmithery (is that even a word lol?).

All in all it is an incredibly enjoyable game and one which gives a thorough workout to your brain, a simpler kids version would be great for kids that are just growing their vocabulary.

The game is free to try and after five levels you are prompted to purchase the game to carry on - we at AppGamer were more than happy to pay the entrance fee for the game - Congratulations Mr Toretta on another great game.
5.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | Apr 16th 2015

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