Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell

Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell

Sometimes Prey is Just Enough - Let Us Prey!

First it needs to be noted that we live in a very funny era - and when we say funny we mean “odd” funny, not “haha” funny...

After all this is the world in which a film maker gathered their creative wits about them in order to make a horror film that pays definite homage to the classic horror films of the past.

In order to promote that new take on an old-school horror film, the mind behind it firmly embraced technology in the form of a mobile app/game that celebrates the film!

Bearing in mind that the technology around which the app/game is built was not even a whisper of an idea in anyone's mind back in the day...

That is just the sort of oddity we are talking about - but didn't someone famous once say that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds??

Let Us Prey pays deference to the iconic horror and survival horror flicks of the early 1980s - but that is a large portion of the oddness that surrounds us!

Creator David Cairns (pictured) co-wrote the script for Let Us Prey - and authored the wildcard short film Cry for Bobo (2002) which he also directed.

When you load Let Us Prey on your iPad, the first thing you experience is a spooky techno-tune, then you find yourself looking at the load screen - and its three primary options: Game World, Police Station, and Watch Let Us Prey - The Movie!

No, they are not kidding - you click that third option you get taken to the home page of the film, where you are treated to the directory for full screenings as well as its schedule of film festival appearances.

The reality hits home then, that this game really is tailored after a real horror film!

The reason that the first two options read Game World and Police Station has a lot to do with the fact that in the film the Police Station itself was a character - and a deadly one at that!

Let Us Prey is a free-to-download, free-to-play classic side-scrolling top-down multilevel very bloody romp through the world of horror films in which the classic death-dealing threats all exist to one level or another...

Fancy being impaled upon a razor sharp spear, with your blood spurting in an arterial fountain? Yeah, they have that! Wonder what it would look like if a blade were to sever your character's head from its body? Make a mistake and you will see that!

Want to experience the game with classic film tricks activated as buy-able modes? Well that is what the bloody coins are for! Actually the coins are not really bloody yet... Yet!

Timing is everything in your classic side-scrolling maze game - and in Let Us Prey, bad timing is how you die - but good timing? That just boosts the tension higher and higher because you know, you are going to die...

The Coins you earn - or buy - in the game allow you to purchase special effects, and as you work your way from level to level, those effects can add to both the challenge and your appreciation of the game.

IAP in Let Us Prey takes the form of Coins in various amounts: 5000 @ $2.99 / 10,000 @ $4.99 / 25,000 @ $9.99 and 100K @ $29.99 in total.

The spread and amounts available being rather conservative, especially when you consider that most modern mobile app/games think nothing of asking gamers to part with $99.99 on a regular basis!

It is difficult to speculate as to the longevity of this title... Gamers who are fans of the classics will find a lot to like here - particularly in terms of the early 1980s Pitfall-style game play.

In truth the graphical world in LUP is far and away superior to the best of the graphical worlds from the 80s games this one pays homage to.

And there is the point really - the movie pays homage to the classic horror films of the early 1980s - an era in which the horror film arguably and finally came into its own.

Thanks to blokes like Jason, and Michael, a nasty little leprechaun, and the odd whacked-out nun, what we had was a series of iconic horror and horror-survival experiences that left your heart banging off of the inside of your skull!

In video game terms we get something like that same experience except that for the game we have to add into the fear factor how well - and how quickly - we adapt our skills in the two-dimensional D-Pad style of controls that dominate here.

As previously noted the graphics are a major step above the 8-bit 64-color worlds around which this game bases its mechanics, but then hat's OK because it gets the job done all the same.

The music in LUP is very obviously intended to set your heart rate bouncing to its bass beat, and the counterpoint of that techno-horror-vibe is the refrain wherein your body kicks on the adrenalin pump and you find yourself wondering if the inside of your eyeballs are supposed to feel like that?!

The basic background vibe and tune gets counterbalanced by the sound FX - did you know that blood could sound like that when a major artery was severed? Well you do now!

Considering the fact that LUP is free-to-download, and free-to-play, the price is very right. Its lack of in-your-face ads and discrete use of IAP are a step above what one often anticipates in games of this caliber, so it is all good!

Being fans of the classic side-scrolling sharp-weapon-dodging survival-style video game, LUP easily made it onto our regular game play rotation list.

That means this is one app/game we will not be deleting from our iPad any time soon - and that should say as much as needs saying in terms of where we think this one flies!
4.0 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Dec 16th 2014

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