Learn Music Notes

Learn Music Notes

Version: 1.2.5 | K0RTXTECH

Jungle Music is an educational game that lets you learn to read music notation in all clefs through a progressive, playful and instructive method, designed for beginner musicians and children age 5 and up.

Each clef is divided into 20 levels of difficulty, allowing you to learn music notes at your own pace while having fun at the same time!
Earn stars by recognizing as many notes as possible.
Obtaining the 3rd star is timed and unlocks the next level.

Jungle Music will improve your skills in :
- Score sight reading
- Ear training through listening to the sound of the note (Choose among piano, guitar or violin/cello sounds )
If a mistake is made, the correction is provided.

With Jungle Music, learning music notes becomes child's play!

An invaluable tool for learning music theory and solfege:
- Learn music notes in Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Baritone Clef, Soprano Clef, Mezzo-Soprano Clef, Alto Clef, Tenor Clef
- Reading on the staff, as well as reading under and above the staff
- Choose the writing of music notes among (Do RĂ© Mi Fa Sol La Si) / (C D E F G A B) / (C D E F G A H)

Have fun with family or friends through 4 different players!

Nota : Jungle Music needs Adobe Air to be installed on your android device
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