How to set up a farm account
Last Shelter: Survival Guide

How to set up a farm account

Once players reach a certain level in the game the amoiunt of resources needed to upgrade stars to become very large and the time it takes to farm, gather or raid enough of them makes it hard to stick with the grind. Using money to speed up processes or buy resources is one option to over come this but anoth that many players look at using is to set up a farm account (or more than 1).

Of course creating a farm account and getting it to the stage where it is useful to you can take a while and required some effort. But if you enjoy playing the game and have some time to invest it can be done in a few days.

Step 1 - A new account

Preferably you will need a separate device for this to make it easy to keep track of 2 accounts and save a lot of time, but it can be done on one device. If so you will need to make sure your main game is bound to an external account before starting this so you don't lose it. This is a good idea to do anyway. You can bind your account to Facebook, Google play or create an im30 account to bind it to any email address you control. We recommend this last option as it seems to work the best and means you can use any email address you have.

Once the main account is bound you need to start a new game.




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