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Holy Trial

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The Holy trial is a 7 day event in Land of Empires that has 5 different stages over the course of the week. You are able to earn rewards through various activities on each stage and can also earn more rewards from being one of the top ranked players over the whole event.

The event happens every 2 weeks. You can check the event calendar in the game to see when it is active for you.

Each of the 5 stages has different requirements to earn points we have set out the details of each stage below.

Stage 1 - Day 1 and 2 (Monday / Tuesday)

City Construction
48 hours
Earn points from Building Speed ups
1 minute speedup = 800 points

Stage 2 - Day 3 (Wednesday)

Hero Growth
24 hours
Upgrade your heroes
Gain points from using Hero Shards and tome pages.
Points can also be earned from paying the Ring of Happiness event.

Stage 3 - Day 4 (Thursday)

24 hours
Train Troops
Earn points for training more troops. gain more points for higher tier troops
T1 - 125 points
T2 - 180 points
T3 - 270 points
T4 - 405 points
T5 - 585 points
T6 - 900 points
T7 - 1260 points
T8 - 1710 points
T9 - 2250 points
T10 - 2970 points
Promoting troops will earn the difference in points between the 2 levels.

Stage 4 - Day 5 (Friday)

Gather Resources
24 hours
Earn points from gathering any resources in the world.
3 points for 50 food
3 points for 50 wood
3 points for 10 stone
3 points for 2 iron

Stage 5 - Day 6 and 7 (Saturday / Sunday)

Good Governance
48 hours
Increase your combat power
Earn points from upgrading buildings, research and troop training.
1 building power = 30 points
1 research power = 30 points
1 troop power = 30 points

Each of the stages offer several levels of rewards for your performance. You can complete this event on your own but being in an alliance will help you.

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