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Hero Drill

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Hero Drill is a function of the Hall of Heroes in Land of Empires. It unlocks when you upgrade the building to Level 15. The purpose of Hero Drill is to give your heroes temporary buffs to their levels.

Hero Drill

How to use the Hero Drill

Once the function is unlocked you can access it by tapping on the Hall of Hero s building. You can then assign Trainers and Trainees.

You will see that the game will automatically assign your top 3 heroes (in terms of Level) to the 3 trainer slots. These will be automatically updated if you level up any heroes so you don't need to adjust them.

On the right are the Trainee slots. You have 5 initially and more will be unlocked as you level up the building.

Into the trainee slots you can select and place any of your other heroes. Once added that hero will receive an immediate buff to their level to whichever is the lower level of the 3 Trainers.
For example Trainers level 35, 33 and 32 will let you boost the level of trainer heroes to 32.
If you upgrade the minimum level of the trainers this will then boost the trainees levels as well.

The boost is only active as log as the hero remains in the trainee slot. If you remove them again then their level will return to the real value.

While a hero is in a trainee slot you cannot increase their real level. You will need to remove them from the trainee slot to then level them up. The downside to removing a hero from a slot is that the slot will then be in cool down (unavailable) for 24 hours before you can add a hero to it again.

The benefit to using the Hero Drill is to give level boosts to your newly acquired or legendary heroes that you do not yet have the EXP available to level them up.

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