Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

An impressive action-RPG

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is an action-RPG from Allm and Funflow, published by South Korean publisher Gamevil. It came out in Google Play and the App Store on August 18, 2014. The game features stunning 3D graphics, action-packed gameplay, and great character progression options to name a few.

Don't expect much of the game's story as it is generic and quite forgettable. Still, the game's actual gameplay itself should be enough to get fans of the genre get hooked. Before starting, the game may need to download a large amount of additional data on top of its default game size. This may take a while so new players are recommended to do this where they have fast, stable internet connection. After downloading, players still need to create a Hive login. This is the publisher's own online service which allows you to manage your profile among their other games. Recently, the Hive service allows Com2Us games and profiles to be managed the same way.

Once in the game, players can select one of the two starting classes. There are seven classes in total but only the starting two are available. The actual screen's title (Create Character) is somewhat misleading since you can't do any customization on your selected character except by giving them unique names. If visual changes is not possible, having the option to change the character color palettes should be enough at the very least. There are skins available that will change your character's appearance but you have to spend real money to avail them. Still, the default character models look good and are quite detailed.

The character is moved using the virtual D-Pad on the lower left side of the screen while the normal attack and skills buttons are located in the lower right. Holding the attack button allows your character to chain normal attacks automatically, eliminating the need to mash the buttons to attack continuously. The controls are quite responsive and accurate. However, the virtual d-pad may pose problems to some players with large thumbs as the contact point may exceed the game's screen, especially for tablet users. Other than that, the game's controls are superb.

The game has three modes available: Stage (this is the game's Story mode), Monster Wave (timed survival mission) and Battle Modes (PVP). Stage is immediately available while the other two modes are available as your character's level increases. Stage missions consume stamina, which is restored automatically as time goes by while Monster Wave missions consume crystals.

Stage missions are divided in smaller areas where you need to destroy all enemies to move on to the next area. Players need to keep doing this until they reach the boss area. Defeating the boss will clear the stage but they can clear the same stage again in progressive difficulties to get better rewards. Monster Wave missions will pit you against waves of enemies with boss appearances after clearing a fixed number of waves. Kill as much enemies as you can within the time limit to get better rewards.

As an action-RPG, the game's Skills menu is an expected mainstay. Here, players can spend gold to buy new skills and upgrade existing ones. Unlocking skills and upgrading them requires characters to reach a certain level to unlock. Offensive skills also need to be assigned to the player's attack buttons to use them in battle.

The game also allows players to manage their equipment. Wearing the best equipment available is a no-brainer rule for games like this so players should regularly change their equipment and enhance them if possible. There are slots for weapons, armors and accessories, giving players a diverse selection of equipment to strengthen their characters.

The game also offers an option to craft (enhance) equipment. Weapon materials are needed to increase the equipment's rarity to the next level (e.g. Apprentice to Rare, Rare to Epic, etc) The amount of crafting materials needed for each transition depends on the rarity level you're trying to enhance to. Since these upgrade attempts don't have 100% success rate, players can spend gold to upgrade their Crafting levels to increase the chances of getting rare equipment. Players can also enhance their character's stats by equipping various gems in Sockets. Socket slots are unlocked every 5th levels.

One of the best features of the game is its Auto mode. This allows the game to autonomously take over and control your character. Your character will automatically attack nearest enemies and will use his/her equipped skills (except EX Skills) as necessary. However, the automated characters won't use health or mana items. The game will still allow you to manually activate the skills, EX Skills, and items as you please. It is recommended to do this only if your character's level is high enough and proper equipment is equipped so he/she will survive alone. Sadly, this feature is only available in the Monster Wave mode.

The game's framerate is also impressive for a mobile / portable game. The game doesn't lag even with a lot of things going on the screen – especially when you're chaining combos and EX Skills in mobs of enemies. The player's actual hardware may still contribute to this factor as not-so-powerful smartphones may limit the game's potential in giving players smooth, immersive animation. Overall, the character designs, movesets, map designs, etc make the game one of the visually outstanding games out there. Kritika's audio is excellent. The characters are voiced and they are in perfect sync on what they do. The sound effects are great and the upbeat background music is perfect for the game's ambience.

The game is free to play and download. Kritika's premium in-game currency is called Karats which can be used to unlock new classes in advance, enhance equipment without consuming enhancing materials, restore stamina, trade it for gold and many more. Like other games that follow the same structure, players who use the cash will definitely have the advantage. Don't fret though; casual and "free" players will still get to enjoy the game's full features without the need to buy Karats. That means spending is entirely optional and not a game-breaker.

Due to the game's size and details, it requires to load resources whenever you change screens or start the game. Loading screens are prevalent but they don't take long between transitions. Stable internet connection is needed as well. The game seems to have some buggy moments where the progress bar during the loading process gets stuck from time to time but that shouldn't be that much of a turn-off to stay away from the game.

Kritika is one of the best-looking action RPG titles out there. It's excellent 3D graphics, good audio, responsive controls, tons of features, daily quests, regular updates and events, and free-to-play structure are some of the game's strong points. Fully unlocked features also makes the game more appealing to the general player demographic. If you're a fan of the genre or you just want some good, old hack-and-slash action, then Kritika is worth trying out.

4.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Aug 26th 2014

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