Knights of the Card Table - Dungeon Crawler
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Knights of the Card Table - Dungeon Crawler

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Knights of the Card Table is a card-based dungeon crawler game where you work your way through the numerous levels battling progressively harder enemies and unlocking better gear and characters.

Knights of the Card Table
Knights of the Card Table

The idea is that you roll the dice to combat the dungeon cards, you can change the order that you face the cards, and also gain various bonuses from other cards.

Here are some cheats and tips to help you out in the game.

Cheats and Tips

Look out for the streak bonuses
If you can get hit three of the same cards in a row you'll get some kind of bonus. For example if you take out three enemies in a row, the next card that you face you'll receive a damage bonus.

Same for the milk and cans, you'll get various bonus if you can drink three of the same in a row.

Don't waste Gold
Gold is what you need to progress through the levels and as you get deeper into the game, it costs more gold to unlock the levels the further you get into the game.

Gold is also used to active some weapons that you find in the game. So be careful how you use it, and be prepared to replay some levels in order to get more gold to allow you to unlock more levels.

Unlock Punchboxer at the Forge
Unlock Punchboxer at the Forge

Caution is sometimes better than gold bonus
For some levels you'll need to weigh up getting max coin bonuses and taking some health risks or going for the cards that in the order that will likely prolong your the life of your character.

Probably best to be a bit more cautious during these longer levels so you can at least get through them.

Get busy with spells
Spells are a great way to take out multiple enemies at the same time. When using the fireball, you can hit three enemies at once if you make sure they are directly in front of the magic book when you cast the spell.

Same rule for the freeze spell too.

Check out the Forge
The anvil image at the bottom of the scree will take you to the forge. There you can activate characters and weapons that you have unlocked.
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