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Johnny Trigger is a minimalist and yet good looking tap to shoot action game from SayGames. Practice your timing and take aim on an underworld of mafia henchmen, bosses and hostages to save.

Hints and Tips for Johnny Trigger

Timing is everything
The game itself is very simple and relies on finding your timing mojo, every missed shot wastes a bullet and every missed enemy means the end of the run. So you will need to get this right. The game will celebrate you scoring a head shot on any enemy but you do not need to aim for this, any hit on target will do.

The game does start you off fairly easily though and you should find it not too difficult to get into the right groove.

Don't waste bullets
Although in most situations you will have plenty of bullets to do the job you should avoid firing excessively as you can run out and you will not be able to reload mid action. Running out mean your run will end and you will have to restart at the beginning or the last checkpoint.

Buy weapons
Many of the weapons are similar and do not give you much advantage but some will be needed for tougher enemies and some will have a larger magazine to hold more bullets and give you more options for the harder levels. Buy them when you can to complete your collection and then give yourself the option to collect cash and gems rewards instead.

Gift Boxes and Outfits
You will also have the option to open gift boxes and earn outfits through watching adverts. There are a lot of adverts in the game which can become tiring but for a free game this is very normal and it will make your game pay more fun.

Blow stuff up
Keep a close eye out for the barrels and gas canisters in the game to shoot and take out those dangerous enemies in one go. But keep and even closer eye for the hostages. You cannot afford to lose one of these and they have a tendency to be standing next to the combustible items.

Daily Missions
As soon as you clear the fist section and reach level 16 you will unlock daily missions. These will offer good rewards for completing them individually and even better rewards for doing all 3 each day. Try to complete these whenever you are playing.


We hope our hints and tips help you enjoy this game. If you have any questions for Johnny Trigger please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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