IDLE Monster Hunting

IDLE Monster Hunting

Version: 1.0 | Users Interact, Digital Purchase

IDLE Monster Hunting is a mobile adventure game with Idle feature that allows players to hunt and train monsters at anytime and anywhere.

[Offline Bonus]
Full-day bonus available even when you are offline! Endless adventures and stories brings much more fun!

[Mega Evolution]
Hundreds of classic cool pixel monsters are right there waiting! Rich features and methods to increase the power of your pixel monsters and build the best pixel monsters league!

[Path of the Strongest]
Fight towards the path of the Strongest! Conquer PVP and PVE modes and become the strongest trainer in pixel monsters world!

[Special System]
Besides rich contents of pixel monsters species, skills, and formations, Z-move system also provides power boost for Legendary pixel monsters!
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Honestly, I'd give this app 0 stars. Where to begin, first the video to advertise the game is a lie you don't encounter Pokemon that way in this app. Second you have to spend money if you want to VIP access. And third, I'm not sure if anyone else is getting this problem but for a few weeks now, I haven't ..
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