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Idle Medieval Town is another spin on the popular and fun Idle genre, this time it is set in a Medieval world. The game does a good job in getting you started within a few clicks, but if you want to boost your Town quickly, then check out our Idle Medieval Town Tips below.

Idle Medieval Town Tips

Idle Medieval Town Tips

Tap the Chests
Look out for the free chests that appear randomly in your town, tap them for extra resources for free diamonds.

Tap the Knight
The knight gives the best rewards, and if you are prepared to sit through a 20 second ad, then these rewards will be x10!

Get the Free Gems
In the Gem Shop there is an option to watch up to 3 videos for 20 gems each. Depending on the availability of ad videos, this probably resets daily.

Free Gems for ads

Upgrade what you have Unlocked First
In this case, you really just need to focus on upgrading all of the different elements of the bakery before you can get enough resources to unlock the next building, the Weapons Store.

Use the army to Explore
Explore with Your Army

After you have unlocked the Weapons Shop, you will be asked if you would like to send the army our to explore. Tap yes and away they go, after six hours they will bring back resources for your Town. You can however reduce the time it takes for the army to return by watching an ad if the games offers you one on the explore page.

Watch Ads for an early boost
When you are just starting the game taking up some of the ad based reward offers is a good idea. It supports the game developers, and also gives you a much needed cash or gem boost early in the game, to get you unlocking new stores really quickly.

Those are our Idle Medieval Town Tips for a great start early in the game and to accumulate loads of coins and gems for free quickly.

If you are stuck with anything or have a specific question for Idle Medieval Town that you think our readers may be able to help with, then check out our Idle Medieval Town Answers page.

Idle Medieval Town Advanced Tips

The tips above are great for getting started in the game, but after playing for a little while you need to start thinking about some of the other methods to increase your production

Keep Watching the Ads
Even after playing the game for a while, ads are the best way to get a big boost in your resources.

Check the Quests
Tap the quests icon, the exclamation mark, to see what you need to do to get some free gems, often it is just normal tasks like upgrading a particular building.

Epic Upgrades

Spend Your Gems on Epic Upgrades

These are probably the best things to spend your gems on in the game. The Epic Upgrades provide a boost to the production levels of your buildings and put your gems to work in a way that will boost your towns resources for the life of the game.

Upgrade Prestige
Upgrade Prestige at the Town Hall

To make the most of your building upgrades you'll need more people to visit your town, so tap the town hall and upgrade your prestige level whenever you can.
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