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If you are a fan of idle clicker games and also like city building games then this could be one for you. We've put together a set of Idle City Empire cheats and tips below which we hope will help you with the game.

Idle City Empire Cheats, Tips and Strategy
Idle City Empire Cheats, Tips and Strategy

In Idle City Empire you can become a real estate tycoon by making smart investments into a wide variety of buildings and businesses. You'll be a millionaire before you know it! Can you build the most profitable city in the universe?

Idle City Empire Cheats, Tips and Strategy

It's super easy to get started in the game, just follow the in-game instructions, basically you'll start with once caravan on the map which you need to tap to collect 20 coins to progress to the next stage.

But don't worry you'll won't have to be tapping for too long as level 2 will enable profit automation and thats when you can really start to sit back, relax a bit and watch those profits start rolling in.

Getting to Level 2 and Enable Profit Automation
Tap the yellow construction helmet at the bottom center then tap on the building that you would like to upgrade. Each building starts on level 0, so you'll need to upgrade it twice to get it to level 2.

Upgrading Buildings
Upgrading Buildings

Once a building is at level 2 it will start to generate profits cumulatively, so you won't need to tap to collect it every few seconds. But you will need to collect it at some point! And then it will be added to your score.

It's important to get all buildings to level 2 as soon as you can to enable your profits for each building to start racking up without the need to collect them every few seconds.

Building Level Ups
You can of course level your buildings up past level 2, this will bring increased speed and profitability to your buildings so it's well worth continuing to upgrade them past level 2 when you get the cash to do so.

Coin Upgrades
You can purchase coin upgrades to get improvements to your profitability in the game. Tap the shopping basket icon at the bottom left of the game to see what is available. Buying these coin upgrades as soon as they become available is generally a good idea as it will enhance the profitability of your whole city.

Swipe to collect
If you have multiple buildings you don't need to tap each one to collect your coins, simply swipe across all the buildings to collect everything quickly.

From time to time you will find a briefcase, this may include blueprints to new buildings and other rewards. Tap the briefcase icon when you see it at the bottom left of the game screen to open it.

You can also buy briefcases the coast will be shown under the briefcase and increases the more you open. If you are getting more money from the briefcases than you are spending then it is worth it to continue to open more, especially when you consider that you'll also be getting other rewards such as free gems and blueprints for the briefcases too.

Connect with Facebook
If you don't mind the game knowing your Facebook details, then connecting the game to your Facebook account is another way to get some free rewards in the game.

Tap the helicopters and UFOs
When you see them on the screen, tap the UFOs and helicopters for extra bonuses.

Ad related Bonuses

If you are prepared to watch ads during the game, the game itself is quite generous with it's rewards, here are a few methods that will get you bonuses in the game for watching ads. Our favorite is the Reward Train!

Ice Cream Delivery
Watch a short Ad to deliver tasty ice cream to citizens! For increased profit. This generally means profits on a multiplier for a set period of time. For example, double profits for 4 hours. The game may also give you options to extend the period of profits by watching more ads.

Carnival Time

Carnival Time
Carnival Time

Watch a short ad to increase profitability for a short time- Start the carnival and watch an ad to get this buff. Then basically you need to start swiping as quick as you can around your buildings to get the rewards from the Carnival buff as it only lasts a short time.

Midweek Scoop
This is your chance to get the best deals out from Gems. Local jewelry increased the size of packages only for you, for a limited time. To activate the scoop, tap the green button to watch an ad. Only really worth doing if you are planning to spend real money on gems.

The Reward Train

The Reward Train for Free Gems and More
The Reward Train for Free Gems and More

This is another way to get more goodies by watching an ad. The more ads you watch the more stuff you'll get when the train arrives. What you get exactly, is listed on the screen, just watch more ads (by tapping 'Load the Train'), to get more items on the list. The delivery time is also stated on the screen and the goodies will come to you after that point.
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