Hypno Quest 2 : Wtf & Epilepsy

Hypno Quest 2 : Wtf & Epilepsy

Version: 1.0.11 | Teen

SPECIAL PRICE OF 99 cents from the 16th to the 23rd of April !!!

Welcome to Hypno Quest 2!

Hypno Quest 2 is a non stop rhythm based game. Tap the circles as they appear on the screen and advance through 10 unique levels (represented by 10 parts of the brain), you will be disoriented by an increasing number of opposing effects, based on neurological disorders such as memory loss, dizziness, vertigo, nightmares, etc. The difficulty will increase with every level and will push you to the limit. A high score will allow you to unlock the next level of the cortex. The action is non stop!

We are very lucky to have obtained our Kickstarter in order to launch the development and for the opportunity to work with a talented musician / DJ (ANTICEPTIK KAOTEK) who has composed for Hypno Quest 2 the various musical tek tracks for the game. Discover a world inside your head gone mad, as the music distorts, screams and leads you to a complete meltdown! As you tap wildly on your screen like a piano gone mad, you will be carried away by the chaotic music.


DO NOT play if you are epileptic or prone to similar symptoms of epilepsy such as dizziness. The game is designed to disorient the player and does it quite well!

Requirements : Minimum of 1 Gb of RAM on device

Here are the features of Hypno Quest 2 :
- 10 unique Levels to start with :
1 - TUTORIAL - Learn how to play in this very simple and enjoyable tutorial.
2 - NIGHTMARE - Face your fears as cats, thunder, the Illuminati and the abyss beckon you closer to madness.
3 - VERTIGO - Dive into a city of heights and movement, as alien thoughts begin their invasion of your sanity.
4 - HALLUCINATION - Look at the other side of the looking glass, and survive the patterns of color and mirrors.
5 - MEMORY LOSS - Attempt to concentrate as your memories slip away as post its on cardboard.
6 - HYPNOSIS - come into the doctor's office and follow the pendulum to its rightful conclusion.
7 - EPILEPSY - Brace yourself for a non stop visual assault to your senses as the screen attempts to distract you.
8 - DEMENTIA - Listen to the voices, an find your bearings in this cacophonous stage of your deconstruction.
9 - OCD - Everything must follow the pattern, and be mindful of the disorder you cause.
10 - MELTDOWN - All ye who enter here, abandon all hope. You've been warned...

- 10 original tek tracks from ANTICEPTIK KAOTEK
More levels will be developed as updates are made available ! We are planning on releasing 3-4 levels per updates, as well as new content in both tek soundtrack and effects.

- High scores will lead to higher levels. Obtain A or B, and your brain will grant you access to higher levels of difficulty and tek tracks. Every brain level is like a tile to be completed to reach the next one, ever harder!

- Discover a whole crazy world of mad wtf effects and one of the hardest games out there to play. As you get higher up in level, we have made it so that the limits of what is humanely playable are reached. The more you say Piano Piano, the more we answer Forte Forte! Arm yourself with courage, dexterity and perseverance. As you complete the levels of the brain, like tiles in your mind, you will find growing challenges.

Fight the screen! Fight the music!
From the team of Armogaste, we wish you good luck on the game as you smash the circles like a piano gone craaazy 😃
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