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Version: 6.3 | Everyone

Currently HTML Code Play supports eleven types of scripting languages and will add more in the future. Also, we have added lots of examples in this application for better understanding. You can learn HTML easily using this HTML Code Play App.

HTML Code Play have live html editor with output like w3schools and the best application for android and iOS mobile.

This application is mainly used to learn HTML, CSS & CSS frame works and JavaScript & JavaScript frame works. This application is developed keeping in mind, the beginners for Web development programs. This is user-friendly with easy to learn pattern given with simple examples for a better understanding.This can also be a tool for individuals who have interest in developing games and for animation purpose using Paperjs & Physicsjs. The Physics related formulas in Physicsjs and Paperjs will be automatically calculated(Example: The Velocity,Gravity & Force of a ball can be calculated automatically).

The given examples can be modified and the output can be viewed instant in this HTML Code Play. Also, the modified codes can be saved and used for future reference. In case you want to develop new codes go to ' New' option from Home Page and choose your scripting type from there. The moment you choose the scripting type all the required Plug-ins will be automatically imported.

Features of HTML Code Play:-
Materialize CSS

24x support
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