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Review by GuestDec 10th 2020
Monotonous and not particularly interesting. Just does the same thing over and over. Wouldn't bother. There are more interesting games if you are looking, and more intellectually challenging also. And unfortunately it is difficult to post a review because apparently you have to create a long review. I doubt that this will see the light of day. Also, don't be misled by the "diamonds" that you earn. The player is reinforced for playing by earning diamonds, but the diamonds have no purpose to the player. They do have a purpose for Hoop Stack however; Hoop Stack "awards" diamonds when players watch advertisements, so the diamond incentive is actually used to generate income for Hoop Stacks. If you like mindless repetitive games and like earning meaningless tokens that generate income for the app, then this would be a good game for you.
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Review by GuestSep 26th 2020
Love playing it every day. Just not so crazy about all the commercials.
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Review by GuestSep 1st 2020
First time around I loved it. Now it’s just frustrating
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Review by GuestAug 18th 2020
It’s a fun game but it never gets more challenging.
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Review by GuestJul 9th 2020
Fun but don't hear sounds and dont know what the "settings" do.
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Review by GuestApr 19th 2020
Excellent I just don’t know what to do with 10,000 diamonds
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Review by GuestApr 12th 2020
Directions are needed. I’m on level 395 & I don’t know what the diamonds are used for, still.
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