Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

The first thing that you have to remember when you download and play Fingersoft's Hill Climb Racing is that the game was not created to be an overly-realistic racing simulator. Obviously. It was created to be a fun and lighthearted racing romp that, thanks to its own unique physics, car design, tracks, and the very significant likelihood that you will eventually break your neck when you flip the hill climber over, it was clearly made with fun in mind!

While the game is free to download, it is supported by a combination of advertising in the form of ad bars along the bottom, and in-app purchases which take the form of Coins - which you also can earn for free in the game as you play.

The Coins are used to purchase upgrades for your car - which include its Engine, Suspension, Tires, and making it 4-Wheel Drive. Upgrades you will want to have as they add to the stability of the car on the track, which will make a big difference as you try to beat your old distances and get to the next level.

Your character in the game is an odd bum-like fella with a dark five-o'clock shadow, and a long black cape - yeah... Go figure?

He is riding in a hill climbing car that has NO safety features - no roll cage, no roof, nothing - which means that if you apply too much gas or apply the brakes at the wrong time, the car will flip, and you will break your neck, thus ending your go.

Getting that extra distance and making it to the next level is the point - and while the game early in the process is not forgiving, once you start building a bank of Coin and can upgrade the various bits of your car, it gets far more controllable and fun (especially as you tend to die less often).

Part of the challenge - in addition to increasing the distance you drive with each go - is managing to grab the Coins and the Petrol Cans that are strategically positioned in game for you to snag. Fail to grab the Petrol though, and you may eventually run out - which will end your run as sure as breaking your neck!

While it is possible to flip the car without breaking your neck - when you do break your neck that snapping twig sound and lolling head leave no doubt you have bought the farm.

The game starts you in a basic Jeep - which you upgrade using coins - and once you unlock new stages, allows you to also unlock and purchase new vehicles, including the Motocross Bike, Monster Truck, Tractor, Hippie Van, Quad Bike, and a lot more. That means it is packed with variety as well as challenge.

The controls in the game are dead simple: your left thumb is the brakes, and your right thumb is the gas. Hit one or the other too much or at the wrong time though, and you learn why you need to learn how the game works best.

It features a full set of Achievements - if you like that sort of thing - and also has a rather extensive Merch Page that includes phone covers and T-Shirts, though we did not notice one that said Been There, Climbed the Hill...

The graphics in the game are very cartoon-like - but probably not the cartoon you are thinking of. They are less Looney Tunes and more South Park in the animation style, but that's OK because it works rather well and besides it doesn't detract from the fun and physics of driving!

Sound-wise the game has a rather upbeat and fast-paced electronic style of music, which combined with the effects sounds will certainly put you in the right mood for hill climbing.

This is not one of those games with a long or complicated backstory, in fact it has none at all that we could see. It is all about the driving - and working on developing skill to stretch out your runs. Each go has you earning Coin though, so even when luck runs against you, there is still some forward progress in the sense that you are banking Coin and can eventually upgrade.

And speaking of luck, an awful lot of it applies to game play in this title. Both the good kind and the bad.

What we mean by that is simple really - even when you are having a very good run and things are going amazingly right, you can encounter that one bad luck bounce that sees you flip and die - it happens. So you have to learn to take the good with the bad.

On the bright side though, this is one of those easy to learn, easy to play, very addictive apps that is properly deployed in just the sort of bite-sized chunks that are perfect for the mobile gaming platform, and with that in mind, we expect you will find it rather amusing.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Oct 31st 2014

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