Harp Hero ( harmonica )

Harp Hero ( harmonica )

Nadav Solomon
Version: 1.08 | Nadav Solomon

You need a real harmonica in the key C to play/practice with this app (more keys are on the way, A is the next in line)

Harp Hero is the app to practice your harmonica with.
Enjoy playing your harmonica with.
Using this app you will get instant feedback if you are playing the correct hole/note/tab.
See yourself improve playing the harmonica using the score system.
Harp Hero will detect the pitch you are playing on your harmonica and will tell you if you are playing the correct note in the correct time.
Arcade mode
Pro mode
Tab editor - add your own songs, riffs etc.
Free play to practice your bends and get to know the awesome tool you have in your hands.

All you need to use this app is a C harmonica and a quiet place to practice.
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