GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D

GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D

Get to the choppa!

Gunship Battle is an air combat/ simulation game from The One Games. In this Android/iOS game, you'll get to pilot different types of helicopters in various anti-ground and anti-air missions spanning four "episodes" with 7 missions each. The game is free-to-play and can be played without constant internet connection.

Your main base of operations is aboard a carrier. This is where you can select which helicopters you'll use to complete the next mission and where you can change their equipment. You'll start off with a simple yet effective default helicopter nicknamed "Little Bird". Completing missions will let you earn credits which you can use to purchase more advanced, and powerful helicopters. From real-life popular choppers like the Huey, Hind, Black Hawk, or Comanche to the more futuristic Dragon Ship (similar to the ones used in the movie "Avatar") are included in the in-game store's inventory.

Unfortunately, there's only a limited selection of the ones you can purchase using the in-game credits compared to the "freemium" models that you can only get by spending Gold, which of course can be acquired through microtransactions. The game also offers Rental services where you can use specific advanced helicopter models for a set number of missions. (For example, you can spend $30,000 to rent a Hind for three missions – which is quite ludicrious, considering that you can't effectively grind for money in the game due to lower rewards for repeating missions)

Missions are held in fixed map areas where you need to simply complete objective(s) which involves destroying various ground, air, or naval targets. Your chopper has an unlimited amount of ammo divided by clips. Once the current ammo clip is emptied, you have to wait for a few seconds for the reload sequence to complete and get a fresh, full clip. Your chopper also has a limited amount of health. You can restore it in the middle of the battle by flying through a green Health/Repair symbol that randomly appears when destroying buildings. Item pick-ups / drops like these disappear after a short while so make sure to prioritize flying over them to get them. Enemies range from the puny foot soldiers, to heavily armored tanks, watchtowers, helicopters, ships, etc. All of them can deal varying amount of damage to your helicopter. Since they can be pretty accurate at short range, it is generally advised to engage and destroy them from a distance. You have to be careful since destroying your chopper and failing the mission may incur negative losses both to your current mission points and credits.

Using the on-screen keypad, your can move your chopper back and forth, call in support and fire your weapons. The game relies on your device's gyro to turn, raise/lower the altitude, and control your chopper's direction. This should be a very accurate and smooth control but for some reason, controlling the chopper in my Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) tablet is pretty wobbly. The camera is shaky even when I'm not moving my tablet and it quickly stressed out my eyesight, not to mention making targeting of enemies quite tedious as you always need to make minute adjustments while firing at targets. Doing this on stationary targets are quite challenging and the ordeal is even more harder on moving targets. I haven't tried the game on other smaller devices (smartphones) and it could just be my hands or my device but the experience could've been better if the camera is stable especially when you need to land accurate shots and strafing runs in the middle of battle.

The game doesn't have any multiplayer aspect though your can connect online to compare your rankings with other players. Connecting online is not required to enjoy the full features of the game. While online, you can purchase gold and you can also back up/ retrieve your game data on the game server. The game doesn't seem to have any distracting ads as well (unless your device is online) but in case you need your device to be always on and you don't want to see these ads, purchasing Gold will remove these distractions permanently.

The game's visuals is impressive. The individual helicopter models, landscape, and enemy units and structures are quite detailed as well. The visual effects like weapon fire, explosions, etc blends well with the action. Players may encounter some occassional "hiccups" or split-second lags though the player's device model and its resources may be a considerable factor as well. The game's audio is also perfect. The sound effects helps immerse players in the action that's happening on screen.

Gunship Battle is very promising, sporting simple and responsive controls, impressive graphics, and engaging gameplay. However, discouraging grinding by restricting players' progress through reward reduction for completing previously completed missions will become a major hurdle to most players. This restriction in addition to the ludicrous prices of equipment and (reliable) new choppers can severely hamper player progress (and enjoyment) as enemies get tougher and missions harder as they go by. This clearly displays the gap between free players and players who can spend real money to get around the game's unnecessary challenges. As this is quite common for developers who follow the free-to-play infrastructure to rely on microtransactions to gain revenue for their "free" games, having some balance between providing the majority of the target player audience reasonable challenges to progress and simply placing hurdles for them should be considered, considering the Free-to-Play market offers a lot of options.

Overall, Gunship Battle is quite an engaging and enjoyable game up until to an extent. Good air combat simulators that boasts impressive audio, visuals, and gameplay are quite uncommon for mobile devices. Fans of the genre should try this game and it's up to them to decide whether it's worth spending money for.

4.0 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Sep 3rd 2014

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Review by GuestNov 29th 2021
Without data you can't finish the game but cool
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Review by GuestNov 10th 2021
It's my best game but add more ways to get a gold
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Review by GuestJan 1st 2021
I really like this game! Each level opens up different scenarios. So you have to be smart and equipped with whatever your helicopter is or plane or jet equip it with the right Firepower to complete the objective mission..... Yet I'm so confused on why I can sell any helicopter or plane I want because there no use to me and I never use them. Them for some reason it puts me in the negative of my -$ !!.
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Review by GuestJun 3rd 2020
It is cool but why no advancement??? I beat level but goes nowhere

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Review by GuestApr 13th 2020
Helicopter is very nice it look lik a hero helicopter
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Review by fender62Dec 10th 2019
Best game iv played in a long time, addictive!!!
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Review by fender62Oct 17th 2019
Excellent game, some very hard levels, keeps you coming back for more....
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Review by GuestOct 16th 2019
Need tutorial, very confusing navigation to accomplish ship builds and mods.
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Review by GuestSep 12th 2019
This game is very intersting game and good graphics

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Review by GuestJul 24th 2019
Melhor jogo de aeronaves, as vezes é meio dificil mas sao os desafios que fazem ser ainda melhor
Best aircraft game, sometimes it's kind of hard but it's the challenges that make it even better
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Review by GuestJun 21st 2019
Thanks for your help and support give us all answer.
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Review by GuestJun 11th 2019
It's good at first but getting gold is dang hard
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Review by GuestMar 5th 2019
It's good game but restore option is not there. If I format my cell phone then how to restore my cleared stages.
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Review by GuestNov 10th 2018
Fun to this point, now just the same can't get more aircraft without spending money
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Review by GuestJul 22nd 2018
Good but they should make the game easier.
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Review by GuestJun 13th 2018
It is grat game. But I want to play from the start. But it starts from the end where I left ???
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Review by GuestJun 7th 2018
The game is fantastic, the graphics, controls etc are really good but I don't know why does the Captor Radar of Euro Fighter Typhoon gets converted to Captor rador even after purchasing the Captor EU rador over & over again.
That may be because of bugs.
ACT 3 onwards ie Episode 17 & plus can only be purchased with gold, they can no longer be purchased with dollars like before.
And if you don't back up your data immediately after completing the custom Missions, you will lose the gold coins you just earned, at least it happened to me time & again. I don't know is that due to bugs bcoz if you say that was due to a poor Network issue, then how comes advertisements can pop up at the end of each mission. So I guess that is not due to a poor Network issue.
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Review by GuestMay 6th 2018
We don't get any sale just making fool through the game
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Review by GuestMay 4th 2018
Jogo bom mais tá mto difícil na fase que eu tô
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Review by GuestMay 1st 2018
Wish there were less ads, faster ways to get gold and world coin. Also there should be a better mechanism for ranking up planes through experience points or completing certain levels
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Review by GuestApr 7th 2018
Because it has got a good graphics
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Review by GuestJan 24th 2018
Great fun but it can get very expensive with spending real money. Ammunition costs more with each game and each level. I got to minus $10,000,000 and gave up.
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Review by GuestDec 16th 2017
How do I get help while I am playing the game? Is there something I can press. Overall, I like the game.

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Review by GuestOct 26th 2017
Good but I can't get gold because I don't have dollars and gold coins.

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Review by GuestSep 8th 2017
Its a fantastic game, I just loved this game and I'm regular player of this game.
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Review by GuestNov 27th 2014
I really enjoyed this game but it made me start comp over had well over two million combined points or dollars nice choppers then when it went from THE ONE GAME to JOY WHATEVER IT IS now I can't play it at all it loads then goes back too phone menues n can't get no help from support or any one that sucks it was fun
Do you agree? 11   7   REPORT


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