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Gun Fire Girls is an arcade shooter made by GPAX. It features a casual shooting experience against monsters using four different characters to choose from. The game also gives the players the chance to upgrade their characters, firearms, and parts. The game can be played offline though online connectivity is needed for microtransactions.

Players start off with the default character, Valery. Every character in the game is inspired from a fairy tale. Valery is Red Riding Hood, Betty is Snow White, and Pepper is Alice (in Wonderland). Each girl has their own unique weapon which can be further strengthened by spending coins for their upgrades. The girls can change their costumes or “skins” once they reach specific levels. This doesn’t have any stat-affecting changes but the changes are rather cosmetic.

Unlike rail shooters where the player’s character will be moved automatically by the system to different locations, players need to deal with 2-3 waves of enemies from a static position. Players have a health and armor percentage, ammo count, and grenades. To reload the weapon, players just need to tap the Reload icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Grenades are consumables and you need to buy more to replenish your supply so use them sparingly. Armor is also considered a consumable. You can buy one using coins before starting a mission. Health starts with 100% and will be reduced depending on the damage inflicted by the enemies. The mission will fail if it falls to 0%. You can spend 3 jewels to revive and continue the gameplay.

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the standard and slow enemies. Soon you’ll encounter faster ones, big sturdy ones, and annoying ones that attack in packs. Headshots are the surefire way of killing them quickly. As you kill enemies, your ESP gauge is slowly filled. Once the gauge is full, your character will trigger her ESP mode automatically. Each character has their own ESP mode effects. For the default character, Valery, time is slowed and allow you to land more accurate shots. This automatic trigger is inconvenient at times since you’ll find instances when it activates when you don’t need it.

The controls are also simple. There are no virtual joystick or buttons so touching the lower left side of the screen moves the camera and controls your aim while tapping the area in the lower right corner of the screen fires your character’s gun. If your character has automatic weapons, holding your finger on the screen will allow your character’s gun to fire continuously until it runs out of bullets. This poses a problem to players with big fingers since they’ll tend to overlap their touch on two areas, which will either make them unable to aim or fire for a split-second.

Whenever you play a mission, a Ticket is consumed. One ticket is automatically restored every two minutes. You can also purchase additional tickets if you want. After completing a mission, what matters usually is finishing it as fast as you can. Incurring damage doesn’t seem to affect your rating so stay alive and complete the mission quickly to earn more coins.

Each story chapter has 15 missions. The 16th mission is a boss fight. The game will display the boss’ weakness. You have to attack the boss’ weakness when it displays it otherwise you’ll get heavily damaged by the boss’ attack. You have to consider timing your attack well while waves of minion enemies swarm at you as well. You also need to consider timing your reloading. If possible, you need to land accurate headshots to kill enemies quicker with less bullets. There is also another dimension where you’ll face harder enemies and bosses but accessing it is entirely optional.

Spend coins to upgrade your character. This increases their stats. This makes them more powerful, allows them to carry more bullets, increase their health, and even the duration of their ESP mode. The cost to upgrade them increases as their level increases as well.

The game offers weapon customization and upgrade but it’s not 100%. You can spend 120 coins to randomly modify your gun’s stats. If you’re satisfied with the changes, you can save it. The same thing is also applicable for the gun parts. You can unlock additional parts at LV15 and LV30. Additionally, you can opt to pick a random part at a cost of either 20,000 coins or 7 jewels.

The game offers a daily login bonus where you can earn additional goodies. Coins are earned normally through gameplay. This can be used to level up your characters, upgrade your weapons, consumable items, and buy weapon parts. Gems are premium currency. You can only get them by completing mission quests (like defeating a chapter’s boss) or by buying them outright via microtransaction.

The game’s layout, and visuals are great. The details in every stage, as well as the monsters are superb. However, one major thing that may irk most players is that the game is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. It may be because of poor translation but if you can look over it, the game is quite enjoyable and a good outlet if you’re craving to shoot some things. The characters are anime-inspired and their unique skills and weapons give them individuality. The game’s sound isn’t that outstanding though it’s not that poor either. It’s just enough to keep the players engaged and interested.

The controls are very responsive though as mentioned above, players with large fingers or tend to overlap the areas on the touchscreen that controls the aim or shooting may experience brief interruptions on their gameplay. Fortunately, the game offers an option to modify the sensitivity to the player’s preference.

The game doesn’t seem to display any intrusive or distracting adverts. People can work their way in unlocking characters and stuff by normal progress and grinding. Buying jewels is completely optional and the game doesn’t seem to have sudden difficulty spikes that will seem to force players in purchasing jewels because they can’t proceed further without upgraded characters or equipment.

Having the option to unlock stuff through normal progress and grinding is a good option for players who prefer to play the game “free”. The controls are responsive though the game’s performance and player’s experience will be affected by the device players are using and the player-related factors as well.

Gun Fire Girls is a good, solid shooter with interesting and visually-appealing characters. Customization options are good but without a fixed, non-random option, it will not help players that much. This applies to the insane amount of coins needed to get new parts or the high level requirement. If the characters earn some sort of experience in addition to the option to upgrade using coins, that will help ease the tremendous amount of grinding they need. Also, the ESP feature is great, if only players can trigger it manually. Finally, fix the grammatical and spelling errors. Simple as it may, OC players will find it uncomfortable sifting through the menu with obvious and blatant errors.

4.0 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Apr 17th 2015

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Review by GuestOct 11th 2018
Need fix languages and reduced the difficulty or just add difficulty. I hope a daily missions will also be added so we could earn rewards.
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