Gun Fire Girls

Gun Fire Girls

GPAX Co., Ltd
Version: 1.02 | 17+

Cute teen girls fancy gun fires!!

Easy to play! Enjoy Gunfire Girls!
Don’t forget to see girls change!!
You can be a master for saving people from polluted world with Girls.


▷▷Easy Gun Shooting◁◁

Casual shooting~~!
Play with one or two hands!
Blow away your stress!!

▷▷ Costume renovation by level up!!◁◁

Valery(Red Hood), Betty(Snow White),
Pepper(Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland) different character.
Up to 5 times! Able to upgrade their costume and weapon!!
Let’s check out now!

▷▷Weapon Upgrade◁◁

Each character has different types of weapon!!
*Valery: Chin Gun
*Betty: Machine Gun
*Pepper: Gatling Gun
Upgrade power and ammo!

Different option with many different parts!!
Add HP and coin, attacking with fire, ice, and electric power with certain percentage
Design your own style weapon~~

▷▷Varity Mission with Many Reward◁◁

Main and sub mission with daily reward!!
Get jewel just check in daily!!!
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Badass chick against hordes of monsters
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