Grand Sniper V: San Andreas

Grand Sniper V: San Andreas

Grand Sniper Gang Play
| Teen

After the outbreak of an unknown virus, most of the residents of San Andreas and Los Santos were dead, and the rest became terrible monsters. But there are also survivors, among whom you yourself.

Once you were a cool gangster involved in auto theft and other crime, but now you are one of the survivors of the zombie city. With the help of various guns, you must protect your city and the frightened city dwellers from the living dead.

Challenge the surging zombie apocalypse!

Turn living rotten meat into pieces of dead rotten meat!


- Realistic graphics
- Beautiful special effects like in Vice City
- Realistic physics
- Multiple weapons
- Areas like San Andreas
- The protagonist of the great thief cars

Download Grand Sniper 5: San Andreas, clean the city of a new contagion!
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