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Review by GuestJan 20th 2022
No matter how much money you spend, this game is computer generated to make you spend more money. This is not a game or competition this is a fraud/scheme to rip you off. If you play it don't spend any money!
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Review by GuestJan 8th 2022
Agree with everyone who says it’s rigged and that one has to “pay to compete”.

Frankly, I was hoping the game would be like the ad run in other games where the ball is hit, skims across a skinny ledge hundreds of feet in the air and, if it makes it, bounces into a hole. Unfortunately, that comes dozens of levels (and hundreds of dollars) later.

Finally, the single-player “tournament” is the absolute best part of the game; unfortunately, the game thrives on competing against other people (hence, the name).
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Review by GuestDec 31st 2021
What a joke. This game isn’t based on skill but instead it’s based on your pocketbook. Don’t get involved. Plus, people are for the most part mean spirited. It’s a joke
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Review by GuestDec 25th 2021
Yeah this game is designed to make money but I can assure you that you don't have to. You need to learn the ring system which is a really good system and keep your cups low< very important to win more games than you lose. Unlock the levels required to attain your legendary clubs and hold back! Play the level below your top level so you don't gain cups, only play your top level for quests. Concentrate on getting top scores in tournaments (stay on easy, you want to guarantee a legendary card) and getting to legendary rewards in kingdom.

Playing it clever can get you a 70% or more wins.
The 3 types of rings are easy to learn and can literally be used as guages, only use the wind measurement for wind speed, not direction, use rings for direction!

People are unfairly rating this game 1 star, I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy beating people who outrank me in all respects and if you are seeing people get albies on every shot like some say, then aspire to do the same. You have obviously reached kingdom levels you can't keep up with till you progress your clubs. Remember in the first week or so, lower levels WILL have higher clubbed people until they get up to their respective levels.

I gave an extra star for the unfair ratings from people who think you can just pick up and play rather than learn how to play. I get people use special balls on me and I still beat most of them without special balls. Just because learning the rings gave my short and medium game pin point accuracy 90% of the time!

Good game!
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Review by GuestNov 28th 2021
Absolutely terrible game. The whole thing is a rigged joke. In the Kingdom it seems every opponent makes an albatross in every game. And I mean EVERY game. It's all a scam to get you to spend cash over and over and over. STAY AWAY
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Review by GuestNov 9th 2021
This game seriously needs to fix their matchmaking. It's clearly designed to get you spend money, which makes it unfair and not fun.
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Review by GuestNov 4th 2021
Fun game but I would like to trade useless common clubs for better ones like what can u do with 1200 vine club cards or chain club cards they are useless seems like
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Review by GuestSep 22nd 2021
I wonder if Golf Rival pays staff to ensure "opponent" wins. Notice how opponents win with lower level clubs at distances that appear questionable. I have been monitoring wind and ground bluff against distances achieved...and something is not on the up and up.
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Review by GuestAug 23rd 2021
Too many cheat in this game. 2000 holes in one. 10000 albatrosses can’t play this game because you always run up against bots or something
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Review by GuestAug 9th 2021
What a great game for Passing time , however the special challenges are a bit unfair, you always get an oppent who is way more skilled than you impossible to get pass three wins
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Review by GuestJul 22nd 2021
When you have a draw, why can't the wind conditions be equal. Not to have separate one's. This benefits one player not both. This game really sucks
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Review by GuestJul 21st 2021
Worst game I ever played. Unless you spend a ton of money, it is hard to stay competitive. The clock. Where is there a clock in golf. Are you kidding. Will be looking for a better game. This one is just money grabbing
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Review by KatieJul 19th 2021
Pretty good so far I’m at level 9 right now
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Review by GuestJul 19th 2021
Love the game. Some players can be kind of nasty but that's the internet.... The best part is becoming part of a good group and enjoying the game among like minded friends. The friendly gamenl option is the best feature for me. A bunch of us get together on fb group Golf Rival Rookies and play round Robin, best 3 of 5 brackets, as well as double elimination. Lots of fun!!
I would reccomend Golf Rival 100% of the time for gamers that enjoy sports games. Its 2nd only to Madden for me
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Review by GuestJul 15th 2021
If you don't spend MONEY. You wont have a CHANCE in this game.
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Review by GuestJul 10th 2021
I've played this game for a very long time and I love it but when I go in to Kingsland are the kingdom you have people in there that use cheat codes and then in your Arena you have people that have better equipment and they take over people starting out because they don't have the clubs that they do that is not fair I have spent a little bit of money on 40 kangaroo balls and never got them so I'm between or neither play mini golf King or State playing this one
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2021
Take out the dumb clock. Golf does not have a clock it's a poor putvtpgeyher game you go to move your spot it flips your turn then it does it again says your turn by that time tge dumb clock has been running and you run out of time because you cannot get your spot where you want to shoot stayvit keeps moving stupid game frustrating game stay away from it
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Review by GuestJun 25th 2021
What a rip off game, manipulates your shots trying to get you to spend money, money, money... This game is the biggest rip off game I have seen in a long time.... Don't play it don't invest in it, don't buy into it... Google should get rid of it what a bunch of rip-offs.
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Review by GuestJun 17th 2021
If your not prepared to spend plenty of cash don't bother.
You cannot progress without spending as when you get the chance to go to the next level your opponent (which is not a person) whoops you even though they have lower clubs than you and somehow manage an Albatross.
Total waste of time
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2021
Simply money sucker. You will need to spend a lot of money to stay ahead of your opponents. You may get a little bit better, earn stuff to get and upgrade your clubs and get some special balls. But that is no way to compete with other players paying large amount of money to simply buy them instead.
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Review by GuestMay 15th 2021
Great game IMO, challenging and rewarding. Use your imagination and don't think of it as classic golf, far from it.
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Review by GuestMay 9th 2021
The game is so unfair from changing wind speeds after selecting clubs, to always allow w the opponent to have a synchronized shot, to adjusting trajectory after shot is made...etc,etc, either pay to play and win or you play for free and hardly win....the key is to try and outsmart the algorithm! Knowing this, play, have fun, don’t get’s just a game......... !
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Review by GuestMay 6th 2021
As with all these types of Game Apps it is undoubtedly rigged in favour of the developer. As long as you can accept that you will never beat the system then it can be a lot of fun. If you are happy to just play the game without for ever purchasing to try to escalate further then you can get pretty far on the daily freebies and win prizes,

Just don't expect to get to maximum levels though, without spending. Even then you will find yourself up against superior clubs, strange wind settings when it's your turn and your own clubs and balls not matching your opponent even though they may have the same.

More recently I played what was obviously someone on the developers team/payroll who was emoji-ing me before the ball had even landed and again when it became a draw and they got an impossible hole in one on the next game, followed again by an "Wow" emoji before the ball even hit the hole.

This is still a fun game though, just don't expect to achieve great heights with it. At the end of the day, it's free and only you can commit to buying stuff.
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Review by GuestMay 5th 2021
Turn of the clock. No clock in golf. It's bad enough that this is a money grabbing type game. No need for the clock.
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Review by GuestMay 4th 2021
Great game good graphics and challenging
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Review by GuestApr 19th 2021
Love most of this game. Very golf life-like. Not perfect but definitely, addictive.
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Review by GuestApr 13th 2021
Increase clock times for shots. There are no clocks in golf. You have to spend alot of money to upgrade. That could be done better
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Review by GuestApr 7th 2021
What is frustrating is every rival, regardless of skill level, can chose any ball and I can't. The game doesn't tell you how to buy a ball. Finally, some rivals get more performance out of there hits even though they use the same ball, club and power as I do. Hmmm! I enjoy the game itself.

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Review by GuestMar 28th 2021
How can a player with 85000 gold cups and more holes in one than birdies play in the rookie section of the last tournament and post a score of minus 53. This game is so unfair and biased it verges n fraudulance
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Review by GuestMar 26th 2021
I've been playing this game for a year now and I can say that there are enough non-paying players to keep it fair (more fun than not)... it's a bit frustrating having to keep going through all the "offers" and useless rewards just to maintain the basic edge (I have spent $0). Occasionally I get an opponent who spends money on this game, and they're usually either careless, or just passing through (beats the crap out of me..). Anyway it's fun enough to keep playing.
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Review by GuestMar 26th 2021
Terrible game. The graphics are nice, but it's a complete money grab. You play people who PAY for better clubs, so you rarely stand a chance. Their first shot will be far longer than yours, or curve around a mountain. And you can never catch up. Unless, of course, you PAY for better clubs yourself .... And that's the real game here in a nutshell. Maybe the owners of this app made millions off suckers with this scam. But if you're not one of the brain dead suckers looking to get robbed, dont bother with this game.
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Review by GuestMar 20th 2021
So, game is very addictive, stages take too long, meaning you have to play the same few holes way too many times! 99% of chests are worthless. If your new to game, you get 2 clubs of each, 2 drivers, 2 woods, etc. Choose one that has top/back spin, and one with side spin, don't worry too much about distance. You don't get to choose when you can upgrade your clubs, just luck of draw when opening chests. Don't waste coins upgrading clubs you don't use. You must learn to use and trust the wind rings, ground debuff box, once learned you will hole out Much more often. I admit i have spent some money trying to upgrade, but again, you Don't get to choose what you get. I just made it to stage 13 and as of 1st hole it sux, really dark and can't see where hole goes, we'll see! You can go pretty far with standard clubs and no money, but you must learn to use wind rings! Would be better if you could miss a putt, and if there were penalties for water or out of bounds.
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Review by RwgamerMar 10th 2021
Fun game just wish you got more for your money. You gotta be ballin to keep up with some of the elite players.
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Review by GuestMar 5th 2021
I like it. I would impose a penalty stroke for OB though.
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Review by GuestFeb 28th 2021
I am retired and can spend $0 on your game. I have accumulated almost 150,000 in coins but I cannot spend any of it on upgrading my clubs. As a result I recently have had several losing streaks of 20 to 25 games because every opponent seems to have upgraded clubs (ability seems fairly equal). I suspect that they buy the gems that allow them to get the chests that eventually provide the cards necessary for the upgrade. I think the game should allow trading coins for gems or a separate track for those that do not have any money to spend. Otherwise it is fun distraction.
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Review by GuestFeb 18th 2021
Works for those whom spend money and time other than that socks
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Review by GuestFeb 16th 2021
It sure would be nice to have a competitive match against someone with similar club levels instead of someone with thousands of more points and club levels that are 2 levels above mine. Love the graphics but come on. Tournaments are enjoyable because the computer doesnt pick someone for you to play. Its just you. I would spend money more if it werent rigged against you.
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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2021
If your a crooked scheming entrepreneur this game is perfect design. The devs purposely allow high rank players to jump back to old seasons and still earning season points maybe not trophies but points. Clubs should not be able to be leveled strictly by who spends more money. The more you use a club should have more effect than who spends more money.
Now what I have also learned by many many games of experience. The kingdom and arena are complete rip offs. They are designed to make you gobble up your balls. Once you get to Earl V promotion levels are a joke. They are obvious Bots or replays of Devs. Last what kind of golf combines mini golf with PGA golf? Between the obstacles thrown at you post season 11 and the gimmick shots to achieve eagles or albatross. Myself I am done with Golf Rival I enjoy Ultimate Golf much more as it is Golf not some ridiculous combination golf with bots and trick shots and a crooked dev team. Still pay to fully enjoy but much more golf related. Last whine, many, many, many times I have logged out with x amount coins, x amount certain balls, and logged in the next day with massive loss in coin and balls to zero.??? Happened 3 times. No I am not hacked, no I do not share my phone or game access.Its them. Just play it casual. Don't make these assclowns richer. There no different than drug dealers.
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Review by GuestFeb 3rd 2021
Strange game. Very addictive in some ways, but also very frustrating. I don't mind losing as long as it is a level playing field. The opponent often seems to miss the light rough or be able to hit big shots out of the rough. The wind meter seems to be much reduced when the opponent is playing their shot. Plus, most games are drawn and the player that wins the nearest the pin has better clubs or uses the kangaroo ball. Maybe I am a sore loser after all. Or perhaps I should have spent all my money on the game. Not doing that. I have uninstalled the game after playing circa 200 games. I have better things to do with my time.
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Review by GuestFeb 2nd 2021
I put a review on 31/1/21 explaining the RIP off this game is. Well someone must read these reviews because today 3/2/21 I was playing and low and behold the amount of incredible EAGLES from so called opponents was phenomenal.
You have to pay big money to get anywhere.
Well.Andrew Jones one day the Karma bus will get you hard
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Review by GuestFeb 2nd 2021
Pay to Win - greedy, cynical game, where you can win for a few hours, then face opponents with hundreds of dollars worth of clubs and balls.

Infuriating - avoid it.
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Review by GuestJan 31st 2021
Great game but an absolute rip off.
Have played hundreds of games and opponents seem to be pulling eagles out of their backsides.
Most of mine miss by a whisker.
Most of the time I wonder am I really playing against an opponent or AI.
More than likely because I haven't paid a cent and don't intend to.
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Review by GuestJan 18th 2021
Pay to play rip. Fun for awhile. Then your up against guys who have leveled up clubs so fast and have no chance of winning matches. Played over 5000 matches and have level 3 top club and go against a guy whos played less than a thousand games and some how has a level 6 or higher club. L O L. Waste of my time if i cant ever win. Lost intrest dont bother.
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Review by GuestJan 16th 2021
The worse game in the world pay to win not play to win bunch of hackers on guest accounts on top of that. Better off getting urbself a real golf league and play it will cost the same as this fake game.
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Review by GuestJan 14th 2021
This game has great potential - but it’s hard to feel that some things are not rigged. I got past the lava level after being stuck for weeks. It is repetitive unless you stuff it up due to concentration. I spent about $500 in two months and had gear that gave me a 53% win percentage - sometimes I was just outgunned first shot still. The battles to go up levels are rigged. I played a guy who slammed the ball into a mountain so it bounced back for him to bag the Eagle. Drive don’t wedge far away.
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Review by GuestJan 2nd 2021
Although addicting the game is rigged it's not fun. The computer always finds a way to turn the game on you. You can advance without actually paying cash. What a waste of time actually!
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Review by GuestDec 29th 2020
NOT a fun game. Always playing bots and the Windage thing is never the same, even on the same hole.
Also can’t advance without making cash purchases. They should be turned in
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Review by GuestDec 17th 2020
It’s a fixed scam of a game!! You only win if you spend money!! They should be turned in!!! It’s totally rigged!!
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Review by GuestDec 17th 2020
Obviously computerized hackers.. spend to much time loosing.. more irritating than fun... nothing but hackers and computers tricks
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Review by GuestDec 13th 2020
Hey, the creator is clever. The game is addictive and if you going to hang on with the rest you need to spend money. I really wish people could fight this urge to spend any on the game so the company would hit the wall just to change a few things.

After playing this for almost 2 months, I'm around 17k and haven't spend anything yet, lost a ton of shootouts. But me and my level 2 bat wing will fight this! (Soon to be level 3)

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Review by GuestDec 4th 2020
There are 2 classes of players. Guests and those little folk that cannot compete on a level playing field so they pay for clubs, "special balls", and other considerations.

The game is actually fun up until level 5 or so when it become very apparent that the deck is quite stacked against the "guest. ". A few observations..
. a guest is really barred from acquiring the really great clubs. I have over 100K in coin and chests full of gems and I am blocked from would be normally competing with people who have the same gear but the game doesn't want that...
. the game algorithm for choosing the person you play with players usually teams you up with the highest point idle player possible so in the main game, I have played players with up to 3500 points above me and in the tournaments, you are routinely pitted against players that are 3 or 4 levels about you but on occasion, higher. . I asked GR about this and they said "they don't want me to wait for a match and I obliviously was not good enough to play at that lever ". Actual quote. What they are actually saying is that if you spend some $s, you could have what they have.. EDIT. Now that I am over 10K, you really become away that the game doesn't want you there because you are not a paying customer. . Why else would you be routinely matched with someone who have 250% higher score than you, longer and more accurate clubs and wads of "special balls". Mind you, the game may be giving the paying losers a chance to win.. The reality is that it is the same if I played at half my stated level. Shooting fish in a barrel does not sound like a lot of fun.
. I would say that for the vast majority of the games I play, I play with much higher winds than the paid up player..
. I cannot prove this but it seems the guests set up for shot time is slightly less..
. the reward system is silly.. gems / coin are ok but the 99% of the cards you win are garbage, and other bonuses for selling the game to others..
. from about level 7 on. It can be quite monotonous . unless you really mess up, 90 percent of the time you tie with your opponent. Then there is a tie breaking tee off. This tee off is geared solely to the long club / special ball owners.. there are a bunch that I cannot even remotely compete on. After I hit 10K plus, I cannot even come near the holes for play offs.. I join the tournament to get the balls and then are usually so mismatched with opponents, I lose all three games.
. you can always tell who is paying.. the "payers" have a "special" ball for each shot, clubs that you cannot get for yourself , and are the rudest players and have a tendency to congratulate themselves on their shots. There needs to be a button that says .. do you REALLY feel good beating someone with a third of your points and half of you club ?
. The joke on the payers who are using "special balls" and buying the clubs at my level.. GR doesn't post the high score but the one they do is 85K.. too funny.

This is a game of winners and losers. The winners are the guests and the losers are the poor folks that are anteing up bucks to buy their wins.. and really need a life..

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Review by GuestNov 8th 2020
Game lags... And ejects from game of an at worst time causing loss... I don't buy anything... Go figure.
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Review by GuestOct 28th 2020
Love the game. I think it needs a driving range to practice
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2020
Great game however some players are clearly given advantages. Love the game as long as it’s evenly played. If I make a bad shot it’s on me. Want more fairness.
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Review by GuestMay 29th 2020
Fraudulent charges showed up on our Google Pay account from Golf Rival. They started out small, but then became an outrageous series of fraudulent charges, totaling over $850.00! GAMER/BUYER BEWARE. This game/app awards only those who purchase; and if your Google Pay, or PayPal are connected, you are vulnerable to hacking and fraudulent charges. It's a dangerous RIPOFF!
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Review by GuestApr 20th 2020
Very frustrating and difficult not to lose your temper. Some of the shots that your opponent does just doesn’t make sense and seems impossible to do the same shot. If you suffer with anxiety like I do, DO NOT play this game, I have actually lost sleep over this game...
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Review by GuestApr 7th 2020
I've been playing golf rival for a while and initially enjoyed it but the game is rigged. If you win a couple in a row your facing someone working for the game who's got a hundred or more balls with special powers compared to you. It's basically cheating as the same shots hit from me Landing in the same spot the ball does not react the same. I've even seen some of the people I believe working for their almost try to embarrass you and be arrogant moving their putter Arrow back and forth non-stop when they have you beat. My review is honest and the game is not a true indication of playing against another common opponent if you happen to win a couple games in a row. Plus I've also seen many times playing one of these individuals that I believe works for the game company they will use the special ball and then if we go to the par-3 challenge it still shows they have that available to them which of course it won't for you. I don't trust the game at all and if you get two more advanced levels you'll get this experience. Please anybody else who runs into these issues to leave a message 2 give everybody a heads up and hopefully people will leave their game site and use other apps that are fair. as a matter of fact if you read many of the reviews of the people who have reached level 8 or above they'll explain the same issue. I believe their philosophy is that if they beat you and demoralize you might end up spending money buying the added benefits of Clubs and balls that they sell. I totally one-hundred-percent believe that's the strategy because if you can't beat the people working for the company playing against you using the paid resources you might be motivated to spend money on them.. Another thing you'll see is that you accumulate points based on each level you move up. You can go down and play levels if you choose. When I have gone down and levels and won a few games in a row all the Sun I'm playing a person who's got way lest points and have only played 50 games yet they're able to play 10 times better than me which is not possible with me having over 4500 games on the website. Everything above I'm sharing with you is true and you will experience
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Review by GuestMar 20th 2020
Love the game. Hate the fact that if you want to win, eventually you have to pay.
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Review by GuestMar 15th 2020
Horrible cheats. There are people on there with longs yard of 4,000 t0 9000 please. give me a break this company IS WORTHLESS. They don't get back to you. They block your free stuff and make excusses if you do get ahold of them. Jerk weed company. There ARE far greater games out there. This isn't one of them
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Review by GuestFeb 2nd 2020
Game pretty sorry, my status on kingdom always changes. It keeps dropping down several spots when game updates . also if you do not buy any balls or upgrades , its hard to be competitive whit players who buy there way to the top . kind of cheating on there part .you guys need to make this game even across the board . I know you want to make money , but your all sorry for it .
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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2020
I like it so far, but don't seem to get access to all of the perks
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Review by GuestDec 17th 2019
Game is a complete RIPOFF!!!! They have players that they allow to use cheating apps for the kingdom to try and force people to waste money. If you complain they block you on their facebook. Certain players can hit complete Rediculous shots that are no where close to the hole yet they go straight in. Not talking about the wind chart either. The cheaters and players playing for the app always bring up understanding the wind chart. News flash a 5 year old can figure out the wind chart and it has nothing to do with the cheating the app allows and the cheating they do by having inside players playing for them....
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Review by GuestNov 2nd 2019
Game is money pit most rigged golf game I have ever played trust wouldn’t say if true ‘ no spend money , no make it up ladder ! You can’t compete with what others have until you spend lots. I’ve dumped 300 to 700 on this game still don’t have clubs needed they give you * for the junk you started with every now and then you may get a bone ! Don’t waste your time believe what I’m telling you they got me good , real good
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2019
Der einfache Spieler wird vorgeführt um den Minderwertigkeitskomplex einiger solcher zu heben!!!
Absolutes NO GO!!!
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Review by GuestOct 12th 2019
If you dont buy all the balls. You can't win in final level. If they had only 1 ball I could kick everybody's ass......never bought anything but can't compete with people who bought there way to the top....
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Review by GuestAug 4th 2019
Your opponent hits the ball OB twice on one hole and ends up with a better line to the hole than you do, with the same amount of strokes. OB is a stroke penalty, but not in this game. Done with it. Bad shots rewarded on par with " perfect" shots.
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2019
Do not install this game it is a big RIP off. They actually regulate how often you win. During mid play or when it is your turn they disconnect you. It has happened to me a lot. My wifi is at full strength when they disconnect me. It is not a signal issue at all. I have spent money for upgrades as well and they never give you the upgrades for the clubs you need. You may win a few games back to back but then they make sure that you lose so you are forced to buy their package for curtain up deals. This game is a joke so please do not get suckered inn.
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Review by GuestJul 17th 2019
Game is a metaphor for everything wrong in our thinking right now. Fun, but winning has nothing to do with skill, just how much you will pay to get better clubs than anyone else.
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Review by GuestJul 8th 2019
Short timer and wind changes drive us crazy. Magic balls for money????
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Review by GuestJul 2nd 2019
Junk! Don’t waste your time. Definitely rigged!
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Review by GuestJul 2nd 2019
Wind changes from in your face on your shot to a 180 degree turn on your opponent. After putting backspin on the shot it hits the green like you punched it and flies off. Left or right shots around structure regardless of wind will hit structures.
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2019
Was fun for a while but I feel they know I haven’t spent big money, shots that I made in the beginning, now with better clubs I am missing. Seem to wing up OB a lot because the club did do what it was supposed to. Ironically it would have always been rectified with more power. I.e. higher club value.... which can be fixed by spending $$$$$
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Review by GuestJun 24th 2019
I have been playing now for three weeks at first it was fun. Then today my phone disconnected and when it re connected back onto the game some made the shot for me straight up in the air. Then after my opponent made his shot I could move anything then it started moving itself. This kept happening during the match. Clearly someone hacked my phone. Then I check online and there it was a hacking tool for this game I’m done I paid money on this game and I’m not going to continue to be ripped of and my information stolen.
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Review by StormJun 4th 2019
Very fun once you learn the wind rules, and level your clubs up. Idk what these people are talking about it being "fixed". It s challenging, but very fun. Could use some graphics updates, and clans or guilds would be nice.
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Review by GuestApr 9th 2019
I’m loving this game. It’s highly addictive.
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Review by GuestMar 14th 2019
Was entertaining at first, liked it so much that I got above 2200. Next time I opened it I was put back to beginner at 35. Deleted the app. Not that it matters.
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Review by GuestFeb 28th 2019
Worst game ever invented, first its a fixed game, 2nd to upgrade you have to be a millionaire 3rd says play real time players 90 % of the time its robots 4th they pick who you win and loose they fix all games. I would not down load this game and support sucks lots of glitches and freezes do not waste your time
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Review by GuestJan 16th 2019
It has some crazy zig and zag on holes
Normally you get dog legs to the left and to the right. Different mind set make sure you look at the box and look for flag...
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Review by GuestNov 23rd 2018
Stupid and fixed game never play it again
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Review by GuestOct 22nd 2018
I really enjoy this game. My only concern would be with your tournament. If a player has 3 attempts they shouldn't be charged coins without being able to play.
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Review by GuestSep 24th 2018
Nice game without having to stay on line long term
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