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Review by GuestNov 8th 2020
Game lags... And ejects from game of an at worst time causing loss... I don't buy anything... Go figure.
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Review by GuestOct 28th 2020
Love the game. I think it needs a driving range to practice
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2020
Great game however some players are clearly given advantages. Love the game as long as it’s evenly played. If I make a bad shot it’s on me. Want more fairness.
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Review by GuestMay 29th 2020
Fraudulent charges showed up on our Google Pay account from Golf Rival. They started out small, but then became an outrageous series of fraudulent charges, totaling over $850.00! GAMER/BUYER BEWARE. This game/app awards only those who purchase; and if your Google Pay, or PayPal are connected, you are vulnerable to hacking and fraudulent charges. It's a dangerous RIPOFF!
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Review by GuestApr 20th 2020
Very frustrating and difficult not to lose your temper. Some of the shots that your opponent does just doesn’t make sense and seems impossible to do the same shot. If you suffer with anxiety like I do, DO NOT play this game, I have actually lost sleep over this game...
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Review by GuestApr 7th 2020
I've been playing golf rival for a while and initially enjoyed it but the game is rigged. If you win a couple in a row your facing someone working for the game who's got a hundred or more balls with special powers compared to you. It's basically cheating as the same shots hit from me Landing in the same spot the ball does not react the same. I've even seen some of the people I believe working for their almost try to embarrass you and be arrogant moving their putter Arrow back and forth non-stop when they have you beat. My review is honest and the game is not a true indication of playing against another common opponent if you happen to win a couple games in a row. Plus I've also seen many times playing one of these individuals that I believe works for the game company they will use the special ball and then if we go to the par-3 challenge it still shows they have that available to them which of course it won't for you. I don't trust the game at all and if you get two more advanced levels you'll get this experience. Please anybody else who runs into these issues to leave a message 2 give everybody a heads up and hopefully people will leave their game site and use other apps that are fair. as a matter of fact if you read many of the reviews of the people who have reached level 8 or above they'll explain the same issue. I believe their philosophy is that if they beat you and demoralize you might end up spending money buying the added benefits of Clubs and balls that they sell. I totally one-hundred-percent believe that's the strategy because if you can't beat the people working for the company playing against you using the paid resources you might be motivated to spend money on them.. Another thing you'll see is that you accumulate points based on each level you move up. You can go down and play levels if you choose. When I have gone down and levels and won a few games in a row all the Sun I'm playing a person who's got way lest points and have only played 50 games yet they're able to play 10 times better than me which is not possible with me having over 4500 games on the website. Everything above I'm sharing with you is true and you will experience
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Review by GuestMar 20th 2020
Love the game. Hate the fact that if you want to win, eventually you have to pay.
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Review by GuestMar 15th 2020
Horrible cheats. There are people on there with longs yard of 4,000 t0 9000 please. give me a break this company IS WORTHLESS. They don't get back to you. They block your free stuff and make excusses if you do get ahold of them. Jerk weed company. There ARE far greater games out there. This isn't one of them
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Review by GuestFeb 2nd 2020
Game pretty sorry, my status on kingdom always changes. It keeps dropping down several spots when game updates . also if you do not buy any balls or upgrades , its hard to be competitive whit players who buy there way to the top . kind of cheating on there part .you guys need to make this game even across the board . I know you want to make money , but your all sorry for it .
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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2020
I like it so far, but don't seem to get access to all of the perks
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Review by GuestDec 17th 2019
Game is a complete RIPOFF!!!! They have players that they allow to use cheating apps for the kingdom to try and force people to waste money. If you complain they block you on their facebook. Certain players can hit complete Rediculous shots that are no where close to the hole yet they go straight in. Not talking about the wind chart either. The cheaters and players playing for the app always bring up understanding the wind chart. News flash a 5 year old can figure out the wind chart and it has nothing to do with the cheating the app allows and the cheating they do by having inside players playing for them....
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Review by GuestNov 2nd 2019
Game is money pit most rigged golf game I have ever played trust wouldn’t say if true ‘ no spend money , no make it up ladder ! You can’t compete with what others have until you spend lots. I’ve dumped 300 to 700 on this game still don’t have clubs needed they give you * for the junk you started with every now and then you may get a bone ! Don’t waste your time believe what I’m telling you they got me good , real good
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2019
Der einfache Spieler wird vorgeführt um den Minderwertigkeitskomplex einiger solcher zu heben!!!
Absolutes NO GO!!!
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Review by GuestOct 12th 2019
If you dont buy all the balls. You can't win in final level. If they had only 1 ball I could kick everybody's ass......never bought anything but can't compete with people who bought there way to the top....
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Review by GuestAug 4th 2019
Your opponent hits the ball OB twice on one hole and ends up with a better line to the hole than you do, with the same amount of strokes. OB is a stroke penalty, but not in this game. Done with it. Bad shots rewarded on par with " perfect" shots.
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2019
Do not install this game it is a big RIP off. They actually regulate how often you win. During mid play or when it is your turn they disconnect you. It has happened to me a lot. My wifi is at full strength when they disconnect me. It is not a signal issue at all. I have spent money for upgrades as well and they never give you the upgrades for the clubs you need. You may win a few games back to back but then they make sure that you lose so you are forced to buy their package for curtain up deals. This game is a joke so please do not get suckered inn.
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Review by GuestJul 17th 2019
Game is a metaphor for everything wrong in our thinking right now. Fun, but winning has nothing to do with skill, just how much you will pay to get better clubs than anyone else.
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Review by GuestJul 8th 2019
Short timer and wind changes drive us crazy. Magic balls for money????
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Review by GuestJul 2nd 2019
Junk! Don’t waste your time. Definitely rigged!
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Review by GuestJul 2nd 2019
Wind changes from in your face on your shot to a 180 degree turn on your opponent. After putting backspin on the shot it hits the green like you punched it and flies off. Left or right shots around structure regardless of wind will hit structures.
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2019
Was fun for a while but I feel they know I haven’t spent big money, shots that I made in the beginning, now with better clubs I am missing. Seem to wing up OB a lot because the club did do what it was supposed to. Ironically it would have always been rectified with more power. I.e. higher club value.... which can be fixed by spending $$$$$
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Review by GuestJun 24th 2019
I have been playing now for three weeks at first it was fun. Then today my phone disconnected and when it re connected back onto the game some made the shot for me straight up in the air. Then after my opponent made his shot I could move anything then it started moving itself. This kept happening during the match. Clearly someone hacked my phone. Then I check online and there it was a hacking tool for this game I’m done I paid money on this game and I’m not going to continue to be ripped of and my information stolen.
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Review by StormJun 4th 2019
Very fun once you learn the wind rules, and level your clubs up. Idk what these people are talking about it being "fixed". It s challenging, but very fun. Could use some graphics updates, and clans or guilds would be nice.
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Review by GuestApr 9th 2019
I’m loving this game. It’s highly addictive.
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Review by GuestMar 14th 2019
Was entertaining at first, liked it so much that I got above 2200. Next time I opened it I was put back to beginner at 35. Deleted the app. Not that it matters.
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Review by GuestFeb 28th 2019
Worst game ever invented, first its a fixed game, 2nd to upgrade you have to be a millionaire 3rd says play real time players 90 % of the time its robots 4th they pick who you win and loose they fix all games. I would not down load this game and support sucks lots of glitches and freezes do not waste your time
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Review by GuestJan 16th 2019
It has some crazy zig and zag on holes
Normally you get dog legs to the left and to the right. Different mind set make sure you look at the box and look for flag...
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Review by GuestNov 23rd 2018
Stupid and fixed game never play it again
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Review by GuestOct 22nd 2018
I really enjoy this game. My only concern would be with your tournament. If a player has 3 attempts they shouldn't be charged coins without being able to play.
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Review by GuestSep 24th 2018
Nice game without having to stay on line long term
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