Golf Hero

Golf Hero

Version: 1.0 | In-Game Purchases

■ A 1vs1 real-time golf battle with users from all around the world!
■ Easy one-tap Golf controls!
■ Thrilling powerful Drive shots!

10 minutes is enough to get you hooked!
The GMs will shower you with gifts!! Trust us!
Nothing difficult!! Your golf addiction begins!!!

The reason I was able to become the god of Golf
was because I tryed 10,000 shots a day.

■■■■■ Game Description ■■■■■

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Golf Heroes is a real-time multiplayer golf game competing with players worldwide only using a driver.
Each driver and ball has own special ability, use it wisely to win the competition.
Sometimes field obstacles can bring you a lucky shot, so feel free to smash it now!

■■■■■ Game Characteristics ■■■■■

- extremely easy to control
- beautiful courses to play
- realistic ball flight, draws and fades
- a range of drivers, and balls to choose
- compete with players worldwide
- be the world long drive champion
- play mini games for extra fun

A game created together with the users. A new challenge awaits in
"Golf Heroes"
Battle and win against users from all around the world!

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I like this game. Easy control but a challenge as well.
3.5 / 5.0

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