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Glory Wings

A Great Aircraft Arcade Shooter

Glory Wings is a vertical air combat shooter from Candy Mobile that delivers great, old school arcade shooter action to your mobile device. The game looks great, simple and a good game to pass time. The game features six different aircrafts - all unlockable by game progress, 7 missions spanning four different planets and various upgrades to improve your aircrafts' abilities and performance.

The game is quite simple. You just need to destroy enemies, collect power ups and defeat the bosses at the end each stage in order to proceed. Power ups are just the generic ones you'll expect in an aircraft arcade shooter. You have the color-coded circle power ups that increase your aircraft's projectile's power and spread, you have the missile power ups that allows your fighter to fire straight or homing missiles, a power up that will give you a couple of wingmen fighters, replenish your bomb or magnets that will allow your aircraft to pull powerups and coins towards it.

The game allows players to collect points which they can use to purchase permanent upgrades for their aircraft. Before sortieing out in a mission, players also have the option to use the same points to buy power-ups, which will allow them to start a mission with a fully powered-up plane, instead of collecting the power ups dropped by enemies.

There are many aircraft to choose from. Each vary in the amount of lives and bombs they can carry, and the type of special attack (bomb). The upgrades you can buy applies to all the planes and more upgrades will be unlocked after completing all stages on your first run. The game also offers an option for players to spend real money to purchase points that can be used for upgrades. This is entirely optional and won't hinder the progress of "free" players.

The game's graphics is simple but great. The overall design ranging from enemies, power ups, planes and bosses is simple and cartoonish but the texture is smooth that you won't mistake it for a retro arcade game. The controls are great too. Since you're using the touchscreen to move your plane, it will respond smoothly to how your finger moves in the screen.

The game's sound is just right. In small and simple games like this, even simple background music and proper sound effects are just right to set the mood in. The game's overall sound quality and effects are just right as the game is presented.

You control your aircraft with your finger anywhere in the screen, since the game doesn't have a virtual directional pad. While this allows perfect accuracy and sensitivity controls, there will be times that your finger will block a portion of the screen. Since enemies do spawn in the lower corners of the airspace and some projectiles deliberately travel slowly, there will be chances that you'll get destroyed by a stray, slow projectile or a backstabbing enemy because your finger is blocking the way.

One challenge also is that the Bomb button is located in the lower right corner of the screen. If you're a right-handed player, you'll have to give up controlling your aircraft for a split second in order to push the bomb button. Players who are comfortable and able to use their left hand to control the planes have it easier since their right hand is free to push the bomb button. This is kind of crucial since you'll need to use Bombs to escape tight and desperate situations.

The game's replay value isn't that promising. It only has seven short stages and anyone can finish it in less than 30 minutes or an hour. Completing all stages won't unlock new ones but you'll get more upgrades and a special plane. The difficulty seems to increase a bit for each completion so getting upgrades is invaluable when repeating these harder stages. There are also a list of achievements you can try to complete. Completing these will award you with upgrade points.

The game is free and enjoyable with very minimal, non-obstructive ads. The game doesn't require constant internet connection as well. If storage space is not an issue and if you want an arcade game on the go, then you should get this game as it is one of the best looking aircraft arcade shooters for mobile devices out there.

4.0 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Aug 7th 2014

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For every cycle completed there should be an additional mission available
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