Global City: Build your own world. Building Game

Global City Cheats and Tips

Global City: Build your own world. Building Game
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Version: 0.1.4333 | Users Interact, In-Game Purchase

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Global City is a city building sim, much like Sim City and other similar games. We've got a few Global City tips below to help you get started with this interesting Sim City alternative.

Global City Cheats and Tips

Follow the To Do List
Early in the game you get introduced to the To Do list, which is accessible by a tablet icon in the bottom left of the screen, this will guide you as to what to do next in the game in order to receive bonuses associated with particular builds and upgrades.

It's a good idea to follow this to do list because the awards you get really help a lot in developing your City, especially early in the game when resources are sparse.

Open More Slots for More Supplies
Bank notes are the premium currency in Global City, and while you so get some for free in the game, you can also purchase them with real cash in the game shop.

One good thing to spend your bank notes on in the game is the adding of more slots in one of your processing material processing plants.

For example, you will need a lot of sand in the game, having some extra slots open will allow you to get more of this quickly. It's 10 bank notes well spent as it is a permanent upgrade and you will therefore benefit from having an extra production slot for the whole time you play the game.

Don't Spend on Speed Ups
Spending bank note to speed up tasks or to but items that you can produce is a bit of a cop out, and waste of your valuable currency. Better to just wait it out and save your bank notes for permanent upgrade options such as more slots in one of your production lines or factories.

Watch Your Warehouse Capacity
Your Warehouse is where all of the materials that you produce for upgrades and builds are stored. You will need specific items in order to upgrade your warehouse and get more storage space. Keep an eye that you don't fill your warehouse and upgrade your capacity when you have the items you need.

Collect Your Daily Gifts
By logging into the game you can collect a daily gift, this could be coins or bank notes usually.

City Expansion
Very quickly you'll find that you need to purchase City Expansion zones, these start off with cost little materials but get more expensive the more that you unlock. Unlock the zones you need logically, so it's best if they are connected and you have a good City expansion plan.

I don't know how to get an item I need to upgrade?
The game is really good at telling you how to get a particular item, tap on the 'i' button on a image of a material then the magnifying glass and the game will show you where and how to get the item you need.

Can I play Global City on PC?
Yes, but you'll need to run an emulator on your PC such as BlueStacks or BigNox which are Android Emulators, then you can enter your Google Play account details and download Global City to your PC via those applications.

Where can I download Global City?
Global City is available on both the App Store and Google Play and you may find the .apk file for the game around the internet on other APK distribution sites if you don't want to or can't download from Google Play and you are an Android user.
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