Ghost Ring The Soul Labyrinth

Ghost Ring The Soul Labyrinth

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Version: 1.4 | Low Maturity

Ghost Ring - The Soul Labyrinth is a 2D Platformer Anime Style Visual Novel Game that has immersive story. It has cute talented voice english dub, and gorgeous art. You act as Rai, a magical flying fox that have the magicattack of thunder and the power to go to people’s unconcious labyrinth world. With his partner, Eva, Rai join to a journey to collect Ghost Soul or Negative Energy for Eva’s Ghost Ring Soul Power (and Rai's MagicAttack power). In this game visual novel story part, they must save a girl named Rinne from deep depression by going
through her puzzle labyrinth mind full of cute ghost creature. Anyone love flying rabbits?
In this game, you won’t die because your adventure isn’t really in your physical world. But like diving in the water, diving in labyrinth of puzzle mind have a time limit. Because Rai and Eva's soul power is gradually decreasing. This game also combine unique elements like magicattack, Homing Boost, wall climbing, Platformer, Bullet Hell Danmaku Battle, treasure hunter in search for suika スイカ
Rai also have amazing Hyper Magic that can kill all ghost on the screen at once. You must collect 25 souls each to activate it.
There'll be also another arc that have true Ghost Story Collection.
anyway If you love Touhou (東方 Project), you definitely will love this!
Eva is so moe and lovable, and there is a fun bullet hell and danmaku battle!
with beautifull music choice like Canon in D and another Orchestra Music, Have fun download and playing it ^^
ALL Music in this game is using CC BY 3.0 Licence, the proper credits is in the game.

-English - Indonesian Language, more language in the future. request is opened.
-You can't die in this game. But this game has a time limit because decreasing soul power. Time only Increased when you're not DIVE in the unconcious labyrinth mind.
-magicattack, and awesome Homing Boost for killing enemies
-Super Awesome Boss Battle, with combination of platformer and Danmaku / Bullet Hell
-You can dodge, grazing, or destroying the bullets by using your boost attack or magicattack.
-There's many secret route in this game, explore it all and search for the secret-almighty-watermelons suika スイカ. watermelon is needed for unlocking extra minigames.
-Hyper Magic or Bomb Style or Limit Break

-Google Leaderboard : Be the first among your friends!
-Gift Watermelon suika スイカ to your friends (but sorry, it's just an image here XD)

-rai suddenly flipped after attacking. just do a jump-dash attack to enemy for flipping back. (still working for solution, just thinking of it as a easter egg or a little joke)

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