Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

OneSoft Studio
Version: 8.08 | Users Interact, In-Game Purchase

Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.

* Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.
* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.

* Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3
* High quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
* Ability to use active skills during the space battles.
* The game is packed with 60 levels on various difficulties.
* Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.
* Multiple extreme boss battles.
* Upgrade your guns and lasers.

Enjoy classic space combat - powered up. Download Galaxy Attack Space Shooter now!
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This shooter game is easy to play but is not clear enough to use the full functionality, there are no manual or instructions so is not as enjoyable as it is. The cost of the iremos are high. You Will play about 50 times, hiwever the gane has some errors that at the end I quit was not worth enough.
2.6 / 5.0

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