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Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes (June 2023)

by AppGamerUpdated: May 24th 2022

Get off to a great start in the game with these Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes. The publishers release free gift codes from time to time, and we have the list of the latest codes here. Over time the codes will expire and no longer work, but when new ones are released you'll be able to find them here on this page.

Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes (June 2023)

Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes

The developers have published a lot of Gaia Odyssey gift codes, but a lot of them have already expired. When we last tested the codes, the following are the ones we still got to work:

Active Gaia Odyssey Codes

VaccinedayTap to copy

Redeem this code to receive exclusive in-game rewards.

Expired Gaia Odyssey Codes







(Only recent expired codes displayed for reference)

The free gift codes will get you all sorts of things such as free gems, diamonds, gold and items. Hopefully by the time you read this page and try the codes for yourself they are still working and have not yet expired. Please check back on this page for more gift codes at a later date.


How to Enter Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes

To enter the gift codes in Gaia Odyssey, simply tap the Gift Benefits icon, which you should see in the top right of the game screen, then click on Gift Pack Redeem and then you should be able to enter the codes that you find on this page. The game will notify you after entry if the code is still valid, not recognized (in which case you may have made a typo), or if the code entry was successful.

Gaia Odyssey Game Screen
Gaia Odyssey Game Screen

A couple of minutes after entering the codes you should get in-game mail where you can claim the free gifts that you get for entering the working codes. On the main game screen, look out for the mail icon at the bottom middle of the screen, tap that, and go claim your free gifts.

Gift Code Mail
Gift Code Mail


How to get more Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes

Gaia Odyssey Gift Codes are given out by the developers from time to time. You can follow the official social media channels for the game such as the Gaia Odyssey Facebook page. Alternatively you can check back on this page where we will have the latest Gaia Odyssey gift codes along with any that we think are still working that you may have missed.


How to get more free stuff in Gaia Odyssey

There are loads of other ways to get free gifts and rewards in Gaia Odyssey. The best way is to complete the quests in the game and level up your character to receive the in-game rewards.


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