Fun Ways to Think 2 - Pics to Words Quiz Game

Fun Ways to Think 2 - Pics to Words Quiz Game

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'Fun Ways to Think 2' will again make you think in ways you have never ever thought before. These picture riddles will have you stumped and rest assured, will blow your mind! The pictogram puzzles are super fun for kids, teens and adults.

The game consists of many fun, challenging and dumb riddles. It will take smart thinking to solve these puzzles. They are funny, adventurous, quirky, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping and amazingly fun to answer. It will make you think in ways that are dumb and leave you shocked and wanting more! Everyone can play this! It is even a great family game.

All you have to do is look at the given picture puzzle and guess the answer. You mainly have to convert pics to words. Puzzles are in the form of outlines, emojis, pics, logos, songs, movies etc. It's your job to interpret words from the image.

Game Features:
- Free to play and a lot of fun
- Brain-twisting puzzles. You may have to brood over some levels whereas in others, your brain will do the job.
- Tailor made for trivia lovers. Adults, teens, kids, guys, girls etc. every one will love this challengin game. You can even play it offline. There is no wifi required.
- Smart, hard, kids, word, picture, impossible etc. We have all sorts of stump riddles!
- No this game is not for babies. This guess game is extremely challenging.
- Addicting Word Guess Quiz with a twist. Can you solve all the words?
- Many picture combos to solve, that will leave you guessing. Strain your brain, guess the answer or there is no way out! Just kidding, we always have a clue for you. So you can guess the word using our clues. There are also other features that can help you solve the riddles like hints and letter elimination.
- Truly a head-scratcher.

Sharpen your mind by playing this for hours and hours. Patrol your funny brain while doing so though! 101 riddles book is not going to help you. This is all ORIGINAL! If you love free riddle quiz games, this is definitely for you.

Play and live the riddles! Try and unriddle these mind-boggling pictures. There is only a dumb way to play this! All puzzles follow latest trends.

Make sure you don't die thinking!

Credit for the brain-twisting riddles - Pujan Chheda, Aniket Vidyadhar

Credit for the icon - Deepak Kamble

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