Fidget hand spinner mega pack

Fidget hand spinner mega pack

Version: 1.0 | Everyone

Fidget hand spinner mega pack
You dream of buying a real spinner from a bearing, but there's no money. Why waste when you can completely set yourself a hand spinner mega build on your phone and twist as many as you want.
Choose any of the 16 spinners, and start twisting. You will see a beautiful 3d effect, which changes due to the different rotation speed. The hand spinner is perfect for kinesthetics. Hand spinner - a new type of anti-stress toy. Fidget hand spinner mega pack - will raise the mood, increase concentration, charge positive emotions and relieve fatigue.
The game perfectly worked out the physics of rotation. There is a sound that mimics how the spinner does not rot. Spin in school, on the street, at home, everywhere and have fun.
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