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Version: 1.0.37 | Everyone

* This game can be played offline *
* This game requires at least 512Mb memory to run *
Hack and slash your way through hordes of skeletons and demons, gather weapons and armor, and learn powerful skills in this fast-paced Action RPG.
Draw signs to use powers, and combine them to gain a tactical advantage in combat or control the battlefield.
You and your companions fight to stop Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan that takes place in an immersive multi-planet universe.
● Fight spectacular real-time battles against hordes of skeletons, robots, beasts, demons, aliens, dragons and many other minions
● Unlock and upgrade your armor, weapons and minion companions as you journey from magical villages to remote mountaintops, dark dungeons to alien worlds
● Fuse your treasures, advance your character, progress through the story and cast spectacular spells conjured from simple gestures to defeat hordes of monsters and grow in power
● Find weapons and loot, learn mind-bending spells, and recruit companions to help you in your battle to save the worlds from impending doom
* Optimized for tablets. Get immersed into the action using your big screen device *
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It is fun but a bit easy to defeat enemies. Needs more skills to train on.
4.4 / 5.0

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