Education & Learning - Basics in School

Education & Learning - Basics in School

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Version: 4.0 and up

Education & Learning - Basics in School for Kids it's a perfect educational app special for you!
The concept of this app is like BALDI the bald teacher, basically, you have to chose the category you want to learn (Alphabets, Colors, Numbers, Shapes), and you'll find what you want to learn with picture and sound of pronunciation.
Education & Learning - Basics in School - Baldi is a bald teacher, basically, you have to find 7 notebooks and solve on each of them 3 different complexity tasks with basics of BaldiS.
With basics in education and learning, you are waiting for more horror characters.

you have to stay away from Badis and some other horror characters who live in Baldi school. They will be even slightly more frightening and scary .

Scary in School - You have 5 days to escape from this scary school. The time is no, you have to find all the basic questions, scattered the class and answer.

Education and learning cannot be given easily. Try to solve the scray problems in the notebook, scattered in the offices of the school of horror, learn the basics in education.
Baldi is chasing you, you have a limited amount of time, baldis basically perfect, with bald head, he looks scary.
* How to play:
- Learn basics of Baldi"s and go through all his tests.
- Solve BALDI's problems in the notebook.
- Find a way out of the school of horror, basics are very important.
* Basics in Education & Learning Features:
- the best education game.
- the best learning game.
- the best Basics game.
- the best Baldi Is game.
- Let's play and enjoy Scary teacher Basics with Baldi Horror game !
- New basics in eductation and learning
Now, download Education & Learning - Basics in School and plays
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