Draftmaster Pro

Draftmaster Pro

Version: 2.20 | Everyone

Calling all NASCAR, Indycar and Camping World Truck series fans! Draftmaster brings the excitement of oval racing, pack racing and most of all drafting/slipstreaming to mobile in an easy to pick up retro styled package! Switch lanes at the right time to slingshot to the front or block a rival from passing! A range of circuits from short track ovals to super-speedways and everything in between!

Aside from the basic app content available in the free version of Draftmaster, the pro version contains:

- Track Editor, build your own circuit! Design the shape and size, name it and save it for use in Quick Race mode!

- Driver Editor, rename any driver on the game to whatever you want!

- Draft Editor, tweak the speeds and drafting physics so your racing experience suits you!

- Double Money! Double race winnings without having to watch any ads

Collect the full field of Stock cars, Indycars and Trucks by finishing strongly in races to collect prize money.

- 3 and 4 wide racing all the way round!

- Over 100 vehicle liveries across open-wheel, stock car and truck disciplines

- 19 Circuits with more added every update

- Realistic drafting physics for slingshots, backdrafting and close pack racing

- Stock car Championship mode with the classic pre-2010 points system

- Challenge mode to test a racer's overtaking, blocking and drafting skills

- Settings to accommodate longer race distances and less screen rotation for the dizziness prone

- A Google Play review feedback update system where requested features are queued in order of popularity

Superswatch is the solo creation of Josh Wong, a developer and designer from Suffolk, England.
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