Version: 1.3.4 | Everyone 10+

Go fishing, upgrade your ship.
Go battling and pirating (and be RICH)
Explore exotic islands and RULE them!
Make this world YOURS!

Relaxing game with free rules.
Go adventure as you feel like to.

◆ Upgrade your ship and parts
◆ Arena on each world for endless battles
◆ Two beautiful and exotic world maps of DOKDO
◆ Beautiful 3D graphics
◆ Easy to play and control
◆ Compete with your friends

Addictive strategy ocean Game “DOKDO”

Enjoy the addictive “DOKDO” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank.
Whenever, wherever “dokdo” is ready for action !!!
Thank you!
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Good game. I've maxed out twice. Need more.
4.3 / 5.0

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